Well, hello!

I am Ama, and this will be my little space to write (mostly about WoW).  If you want to know more about me, please check out the about page.

My main is an Undead Discipline Priest on The Forgotten Coast realm, named Amaranthe.  Formerly a Night Elf Priest born on the first day the Cairne realm opened on February 27th, 2008.

Cairne was the perfect realm to truly explore Azeroth in.  It was a new reroll server (no transfers allowed for 6 months).  I leveled Holy because I thought this would help me learn my class and role, and as it turned out, this was not a bad idea.  It was easy to make friends and find instance groups when everyone else was leveling up just like I was.  The server was very popular and for a time we did have queues and lockouts.

I was unemployed during the height of BC, and was involved in one of the more hardcore raiding guilds on the server (this is not to say it was a hardcore guild. I don’t think anyone could even call Cairne’s #1 guild hardcore). As WotLK approached, guild drama erupted. The guild imploded and I stopped raiding and played around on alts.

With the arrival of WotLK, the server slowly dwindled until it was just a husk of it’s former glory (if you can call it that).  I decided it was time to move on.

I had always wanted to try a PvP realm and I kind of always wanted to try Horde as well.  I did minimal research on WarcraftRealms.com in search of a higher Horde population on a PvP server, and found myself on The Forgotten Coast.

I have certainly learned a lot.  I have found the majority of the people on The Forgotten Coast to be self centered jerks (to put it mildly).  I have a new-found respect for the server I left behind.  While I do not intend to return to Cairne, there are many there that I left behind who I love and miss dearly and greatly respect.

That said, I am looking for a new home.  The difficulty here is that I am not sure exactly what I want.  I love my main, and while I enjoy raiding, I do not have hours of effort that I can put into it.  I have come to a realization that I much prefer quality friendships within a guild than pressing raid content.  I can be equally content raiding SM on a lowbie alt with guildies as I can be in ICC.  In fact, more often I am not enjoying raids in ICC, simply because I grow weary of the work and the seriousness of it all.

This Blog is intended to track my progress in finding a new home as well as any other personal observations.


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