Of Patches and PUGs


Yesterday was an interesting day. Quite weary of The Forgotten Coast (TFC), I played a bit on Cairne.

I decided to take my level 15 druid healer, Vivacious out for a spin with the LFG tool. The first group I got was for Deadmines, and it was okay. The paladin tank ended up leaving fairly early because the dps warrior was running ahead and pulling. I went a little bit further with them, with the dps warrior tanking. Those left in the group hardly talked and when I died they did not wait for my return, so I left.

I decided to queue again, and lo and behold I found I was with the same Paladin tank, Abbyizzy. We were in Wailing Caverns, and this time with a very friendly group, which included Paully, and a warlock and mage, who sadly I have forgotten their names. I’d like to give props to all of them for being a cool and friendly people. Kinda wish I was on Borean Tundra so I could chill with Abby and Paully.

I managed to run all of The Wailing Caverns with this PUG group and at the end of it I was level 17!

I was shocked that four other random players had the determination to make it through a full WC run, especially after it took us forever and several times running round in circles to find the leap of faith to get to Lord Serpentis.


Afterwards, I sat in trade for a bit and found that the political trade drama continued. Although most of what was said was drivel, it is entertaining and semi thought provoking conversation. A huge improvement over the spamming and bashing that goes on on TFC.

Someone randomly asked when the next patch was, and I responded with “Tomorrow, I hope.” At which point some idiot whispered me saying that I should be ashamed of myself for misleading people and that I should read a little more before professing in trade that the patch will be tomorrow. He was right. I did not know for certain that the patch was going to be today. I did not do my research on WoW.com. Now that it turns out it is patch day afterall, the whole conversation quite amuses me. Who wasn’t doing their research this time? I guess neither of us was.


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