Back to Cairne

Well, I decided to transfer back to my old server, Cairne, after having a lot of fun on my baby druid there. Amà (someone stole my name while I was gone) has been returned to her night elf beauty after spending a few months undead.

I have joined the ranks of my old friends in a new guild called Reckless Abandon. It suits my needs for the moment. I’ve just been longing for the social interaction a guild provides. I am not raiding, and am hardly playing on Amà. I do my daily random heroic and a few daily quests, then it is off to an alt.

I’ve been pugging my heart out on my baby druid, Vivacious, who is now level 24. I’ve made a few friends that I’ve run into a few times on these random pugs. Kyu is an amazing priest on Borean Tundra, and Ordric is a talented and creative warrior on Farstriders (and a roleplayer who likes Star Trek). I’ve actually gone so far as to make an alt on Farstriders to see if I might like the realm and RPing. I’ll have story time later, I hope.

I’ve also made myself a baby warrior that I’m going to try tanking with. This time I’m going to level up in instances and tanking, unlike what I did with my poor neglected paladin. I truly learned my lesson with her. I’m one of those people who has to learn by doing, and if I wait until I’m 80 to try a certain spec, I am sooo going to fail.


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