This Just In: Lower Level Healer Requires Mana Break

This is not about me. Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to find tanks who will let me sit and drink between pulls if I need to. We shall see if that luck continues, however.

One of my Guildmates, Moaheo, has a baby shaman that he is healing with. Randomly in Gchat he asks, “Should I have to drink between fights?” We had a short discussion about talents, glyphs and rotation. Seems everything is in order for his role as healing shaman. A little prodding, and come to find out that the warrior tank is upset that his healer has to stop and drink. Really? Ok, big guy, go kill all the stuff without a healer then.

He actually got vote/kicked out of a BRD for sitting and drinking. The tank’s reasoning was, “I have a level 80 resto shaman. I don’t have to stop and drink on him. You shouldn’t have to either.” Seriously? If you wanted a level 80 healer to boost you through BRD, why didn’t you bring one? Has it really been that long that you’ve forgotten what it was like to heal on your shaman at level 53?


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