Newb Tanking (The Poorly Geared Healer and the Impatient DPS)

So, I have begun making super-secret alts on random realms in an attempt to find a true home for myself (if not my main, a new slew of alts).

I decided to give tanking another try and am working on leveling up a prot paladin through random dungeons.


Smooth and easy. DPS let me tank. Healer kept me alive. Nobody was a jerkface.

PUG #2: Deadmines

As soon as I enter the warrior says, I’m going to tank. Ok… Part of the reason I am doing this is to learn how to tank. I do not have points in DPS spec, I do not have a 2 hand weapon. I forgot to take Righteous Fury off. The warrior gets mad that I’m pulling mobs off of him. I bail, because frankly, I want to tank.


Irritated with the previous debacle, I join an SFK already in progress. As I enter, the rogue says “I’m tanking,” and promptly pulls. I’m in no mood to put up with a rogue that wants to evasion tank and immediately bail.


A fresh SFK run. Things seem to be ok. DPS is letting me pull. Healer is not healing me much though and is going oom quite often. Multiple times I ask the healer to tell me if she needs to drink. The healer never says a word. I die 3 times because the healer is not healing me (I heal myself until I’m oom while tanking). I start slowing down my pulls making sure the healer has mana at the start of every pull. Even still, I’m dying. It feels like the healer is oom after two casts. The DPS gets cranky about going slowly, but this is not my fault. We muddle through it. At the end I look at her gear. Resto druid in mostly feral gear. Now, I understand caster leather is very difficult to get at low level, but at what point is this a liability and maybe you should not be queuing as a healer?


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