Two Tanks?

So, my random heroic yesterday brings me into a group with… ~gasp~ …TWO TANKS!

Ok, not really, but kinda. We had a DK tank that was actually geared to tank and competent. We also had a warrior in some motley ensemble of gear I can’t even begin to describe that insisted that he was the tank, continuously taunted off of the DK, and proceeded to badmouth me because I refused to heal him. All I have to say is:

Icebane Chestguard + Random Green Staff of the Monkey =/= awesome tank.

I don’t think he had a lick of defense on any of his gear. I didn’t even bother to look at his spec. His gear was enough to traumatize me. At least he wasn’t wearing Spirit gear, though. It could have been worse, maybe… At least we had a REAL tank there.

He finally got it through his head to stop taunting, I think, but was doing a miserable 500 dps. I’m ok with carrying people to some extent, but 500 dps in a heroic at level 80? Really? We ended up kicking him. Part of me feels kind of bad, but most of me doesn’t.


2 Responses to Two Tanks?

  1. Val says:

    Heh, the other day I winded up with a freshly dinged (I assume/desperately hope) paladin in AN hc, doing a whooping ~400 dps… That’s not really what annoyed me though, rather that the tank actually left the group, mid-pull, because, quote: WTF PALA USING SHEILD?!!!? FUCK THIS.

    … I still can’t get over the fact that the tank was so ‘offended’ by one crappy dps that he felt the urge to wipe the rest of us over it. Got a new tank who cocked an eyebrow at the fact that we had wiped in An, on trash… but at least he finished the intances with us. Sent me a tell on last fight along the lines of “this is gonna take time”. But yeah, we lived. Though I sometimes wonder if those emblems of frost are worth the frustration. (And then I take a look at sparkly epics and forget said frustrations 😉 )

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