Reroll Woes

Blizzard has made the beginning areas way too easy. Every mob in the starting zone is neutral now. From the imps in the Valley of Trials to the moonkin and blood elves in Ammen Vale. I’m sorry, but logically, these mobs should be aggressive. I understand not wanting to hurt new players and get them instantly killed, but this is a bit too much hand-holding.

Even at level 1, it is unlikely that a level 3 mob is going to kill you before you kill it. You have more health and probably hit harder than it does. Pull 3 of those mobs? Oh, maybe I should have done the level 1 quests before wandering over here. This is how people learn. This is how I learned to position myself to pull single targets instead of launching myself into several and getting myself killed. I know, because I leveled my priest this way before all the nerfs to the starting areas were made. I died a lot, but I learned.

Do not get me started about the mana and health regen before level 10 either! Does coddling players until they reach level 10 really help them or make them want to continue to play? If anything, I would think it would make getting to level 11 a huge hurdle.

It seems that the developers are agreeing with the attitude that the game is all about end-game content. I couldn’t disagree with this more! I love leveling. I love the time it takes to see the world and learn the lore. I love leveling even more, since I have seen end-game content.

You gave people heirloom items to make re-rolling easier. Making the starting zones themselves easier, in my humble opinion, is only making the game more difficult for the new player, as it is delaying the reality of the game.

Here’s hoping the changes to the old world and questing makes things much better with Cataclysm. My fear is that things will only get dumbed-down more.


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