What’s my job?

Tamarind posted about this topic yesterday. While I have rarely run into this situation because I will either heal the culprit up or lay a fish feast so he’ll shut up and eat (yes, mommy is here to wipe up your mess and feed you), I was rather confounded when I ran into the opposite situation on my old realm.

This is another reason why I am no longer on TFC as a realm, because I found all too often I was being complained at for having low dps when playing as the healer. I had tanks complain at me because, and I quote, “I don’t require very much healing, you should be doing more dps.” This is all well and good until you pull 10 mobs and your healer is OOM because she’s been spamming smite. I have wiped groups this way. It’s a catch-22, either way you lose.

Granted, I have never really had a dps specced toon, so I guess I don’t know much about dps or doing it efficiently while at the same time healing a group. There may be something I am missing. There may be incredible healers who can do 2k damage and keep the group at full health while eating a donut and tying his shoes, but it is not me. Besides, if I did 2k dps I’d be doing more damage than the random noob DK. I’d hurt his poor lil epeen so bad he’d probably deliberately stand in the fire so I would look bad. I’d have to choose between healing him and dpsing. Either way I’d get “Why no heals?” or “Do more dps.”


One Response to What’s my job?

  1. Val says:

    o.0 Woah. I’m glad I’m a tree then, because I’ve never been asked to ‘contribute’ dps. i mean I probably could do a whooping ~200 or something if I stayed out of treeform. But what the point y’know? Like you said, if something happens, I’m much worse equipped to deal with it if I’ve been spamming wrath rather than rolling hots.

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