As the Realms Spin

Transferring back to my old server has not made me completely happy. It has made the game tolerable, while when I was on TFC I didn’t even want to log on.

The thing I am enjoying most out of the game at this point is leveling alts. That said, when Cataclysm hits, I know I want to make a goblin. So at this point I’m looking for someplace fun to play Horde side.

I’ve narrowed my search down to four realms that I am testing out. They are Farstriders and Wyrmrest Accord, both RP realms, and Trollbane and Skywall, both normal realms. I am avoiding PVP realms at this point purely based on the experiences I had on TFC. While I like the idea of PVP realms, it seems to attract far too many jerkfaces for me to feel comfortable.

What I’m looking for is a fairly large, social but mature leveling guild. I had this once on Cairne in the guild Eclipse. I ended up leaving them to pursue raiding more heavily. The majority of my friends from that guild rerolled Horde side on a different realm when Wrath came out. In retrospect I should have gone with them, but at the time I was still greatly enjoying raiding.

I am hesitant to make any judgments on the realms this early on. Suffice it to say, I have not noticed any abysmal behavior, such as that on TFC. So far so good.


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