Raid Lockout Changes

So on the EU Cataclysm Forums, Blizzard has announced that 10 and 25 man raids will now share lockout. No more doing 10 man ICC and 25 man, you have to choose one or the other. Do you know what people are going to choose? I’m pretty sure I do. It’s the one they are already choosing, 25 mans, because the loot is better.

I don’t know how it is for the rest of you, but this is actually the main reason why I am no longer raiding and looking for a happy social guild. The servers I have played on, you aren’t a raider unless you’re doing 25s. There are no 10 man guilds, there are only 10 man guilds trying to be 25s.

I can get into a 25 man raiding guild, but as soon as I say I’m only interested in 10 mans, I’m benched. Maybe if all of the healers neglect to show up for the 10 man raid night, then maybe I might get to go.

I joined a guild that specifically set its goals on 10 mans, that lasted all of a few months. It was the best months in WoW I’ve had in a while, and it all ended because a majority wanted to raid 25 mans. This split the guild and what remained was not enough to even do 10 mans.

In theory, the change sounds like a good thing, but I am afraid that in action, all it is going to do is make fewer and fewer people do 10 mans. Everyone will be locked to 25s so no one but the scrubs will be doing 10 mans. Maybe I’m a scrub. ~sigh~


One Response to Raid Lockout Changes

  1. Oh wait… Did they just say same loot will drop on 10 as on 25?

    Hmm…. Well, this is interesting.

    Maybe I’m wrong about the choice people will make. I guess time will tell.

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