Character sheet

Role playing is something that I’m fairly new to. Like most new things, I’m absolutely terrified. I finally got up the nerve to write up a character description and turn on my FlagRSP2.

I introduce you to Amaiya:


Pale as death, her skull held together by bands of riveted black leather, greasy purple-black hair a matted mess, it is still apparent from subtle hints in her appearance that she was once a great beauty. Her lips, while pale, are still a perfectly shaped cherub’s smile, despite the glisten of spittle as she drools. The only thing marring the flawlessness of her creamy skinned face, are the bands of leather. Beneath the mess of rusted and torn chain mail that she wears, her flesh has fared equally well in preservation, despite the way her body is oddly slumped forward. She carries a tattered sword and shield


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