Role Reversal

I have a friend who plays a badass Mage. Myself, I have a badass Discipline priest.

I haven’t been playing my main much, but I believe I’ve discussed this before. He misses me, since I’ve decided I want to be a Hordie.

Long story short, my friend and I are rerolling together on his old server. This would be my newbie lowbie on Coilfang, Amarae. She is a mage. He is a priest. It’s quite ironic.

We took a lengthy stroll around Eversong the other day. I have to admit I love the blood elf areas.

Alesis and Amarae

Don’t they just look adorable together? With the beauty of Eversong around us, it felt like a fairy tale. I’m falling in love with WoW all over again.


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