Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: The Best and Worst Cities/Towns

Although I am not a member of Blog Azeroth, I do poke around their forums for inspiration from time to time. Here is my first shared topic: The best and worst cities (in my opinion).


Most of my experience is Alliance side, so that is where I will begin.


The capital city of choice for me has always been and will always be Ironforge. Although I do not currently have a dwarven toon, I still love to pop into Ironforge and flirt with Myra Tyrngaarde, the fiery red-headed bread vendor. I even went so far as to make a bank guild called “Rather Be in Ironforge.”


Like Windsoar, I too find much beauty in Telredor. Tucked in the middle of Zangarmarsh, it is a soaring pillar above the neighboring mushrooms. There isn’t much here, but it is so beautiful. ((The image on the right on my banner is of me and my best friend cuddling on one of the lounges in Telredor))

Westguard Keep

Yet another romantic get-away, Westguard Keep, in the Howling Fjord, is one of my favorite places in Northrend. There is an adorable little house with nothing in it but quaint furniture and a loft bedroom.


I hate Stormwind. There. I’ve said it. I hate the canals and how you have to wind your way around them to get anywhere. I hate the crowds. I’d rather be in the Exodar than Stormwind.



Many people say they hate Undercity. One would think, since I have such a dislike for Stormwind, that I would also dislike Undercity. The opposite holds true. I love Undercity! I love the fact that it’s a city built into the sewers of the ruins of Lordaeron. I love the elevators. I love the fact that I often get a little lost while I’m there. Perhaps it is a bit macabre, but I enjoy getting lost in this city full of interesting and dead things to see. I love the Dark Lady, Sylvanas Windrunner and all of the lore surrounding her.


I hate Thunderbluff. I love the surrounding zone. Mulgore is absolutely beautiful and Thunderbluff is beautiful too. I hate heights. Even in an imaginary game world, I get a bit nauseous walking on the bridges connecting the levels of Thunderbluff.


2 Responses to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: The Best and Worst Cities/Towns

  1. Tam says:

    Noooo! How can you not love dear old Thunder Bluff? It’s glorious, full of cows, the guild bank is a really big totem and you can die on your way to visit the trainer. What more can you want?

  2. I think if my fear of heights wasn’t an issue, then I would have no problem in Thunder Bluff. I’ve had numerous friends tell me just how neurotic it is that my RL phobias transfer over into a game where death is not permanent. I used to have panic attacks when using the elevator on the Aldor Rise in Shatt, before I got my gryphon. I died there one too many times due to lag.

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