I think I have a problem. I know I’m an altoholic, but the problem is worse than just that. I am having difficulties sticking with my alts. I thought I could make 5 different alts on 5 different realms to see which realm I like most. Well, now I have 3 more new alts on those realms, one of which is already level 19.

Part of my problem is that I intend to reroll when Cataclysm comes out. I want a goblin, badly. I’m kind of afraid to get attached to any toons for fear that I won’t want to make my baby goblin when the time comes.

What I want more than anything else is to find some new good friends. I need a guild. How can I have guild if I can’t even decide what server I’m staying on?

So far I have had the most fun on Wyrmrest Accord, just because of all the roleplay that is going on there. However the roleplaying is not exactly conducive to leveling an alt up to 80.

Coilfang is okay. It’s PVP. I’m really only there for my friend, Alesis, though. I’m only playing my alt there when he is on, and he is more often playing one of his 80s on Alliance side Cairne or working on his baby shaman (also on Cairne).

Farstriders is okay. It is RP, but I have yet to see any RP at all. I really don’t have any feelings for or against it.

Trollbane is okay. Like Farstriders, I just don’t know what I think about this realm.

Skywall is turning out to not be my cup of tea. It is too small and it is on Pacific time. I’m completely out of my element there and I am probably going to abandon my toons there.

So, based on all of that, it looks like Wyrmrest Accord is where I am going to land.

Now comes the hard part. Which toon do I stick with? I really like the idea of Amaiya, the undead warrior whose head has been stitched back together and hence is the epitome of a stupid meatshield. But leveling my hunter has been so easy. 1-19 in 2 days! I also kinda would like to have a mage. Pew Pew!

I am holding off on creating a rogue or shaman because that is what my goblin is going to be. I am also holding off on making a druid. ~hangs head in shame~ Because, I am a racist. I do not want to be a tauren. I respect the tauren, but it just isn’t me. I don’t want to be a big hairy cow that dances the electric slide. So when Cataclysm comes along I am right away making me a troll druid.

I guess what I’ll do is make a mage, warrior and hunter on Wyrmrest Accord, and see which one I stick with.


4 Responses to Altoholism

  1. Val says:

    How can anyone dislike Tauren? /gasp They’re pretty much my favourite Horde race, especially since they can be druids, which happens to be my favourite class. But I suppose that’s the best thing about choices and preferences ~everyone has their own point of view.

    It kind of sucks that you’re on the US servers, else I’d invite you over to my realm. As it is now, have you tried the US version of Single Abstract Noun? I can’t remember what realm they’ve adopted (but I know they’re Allys, sorry ^^,), but I’m in the EU version and there’s always a bunch of people to talk to, or willing to help out and run instances and stuff.

    Anyway, if you want to check it out you can find their homepage here: that should tell you what server they are playing on 🙂

  2. I know… I just don’t like being so furry on a normal basis. I mean it’s one thing to shapeshift into a bear or a cat. It’s something entirely different to be so fuzzy all the time. I can only imagine the grooming issues the tauren must have!

    I have thought about joining SAN, but the US side is Ally only. I would be there otherwise, but I’ve committed myself to this whole horde thing.

    Also, please don’t think I’ve been neglecting you. I’ve tried multiple times to leave comments on your blog (and others on Blogspot). I’m having trouble with OpenID. I’m not sure quite what to do.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Tarinae says:

    After Cataclsym first hit, our server was bogged down and there was always a queue to log in. Eventually they offered free transfers so I totally have a Level 30 Blood Elf Mage on Wyrmrest Accord.

    I have been server hopping for a while so I fully understand how it goes.

    Looking at your toons page though I see your on Cairne and I totally have a 29 Blood Elf Hunter there too lol.

    • Cairne had been my home since the day the server was opened. Too many of my friends have left, and I’m feeling rather homeless at the moment. Pair that with the urge to RP (which is a passion none of my friends share), I’m feeling completely lost.

      It’s good to know that I may meet you someday in passing.

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