Neverwinter Nights the MMO?

Blast from the Past! My Paladin Fighting a Dragon in NWN persistent world: Antioch Reborn

So Cryptic Studios is going to be announcing their new MMO sometime this summer: at Massively yesterday. The rumor has been going around for over a year now that it is going to be based on NWN: at Massively a year ago.

The response from the NWN fan community has been pretty poor. People say they liked NWN because it was an alternative to MMOs, and making it into an MMO will ruin it. Well, in my humble opinion the game was ruined when NWN2 came out. The things they did to the player creation toolset broke it for me. I no longer had the ability to make my own persistent world and have others play on it. Even though the ability was there, the ease of creation and updating was gone.

I played persistent worlds in NWN for years. NWN2 was released in October of 2006. I started playing WoW that winter, just before BC came out. Obviously NWN2 did not hold my attention long.

Baldur’s Gate and NWN were the games that got me into gaming. If this MMO is going to be based on NWN, then I am all over it. I love WoW, but WoW ain’t got nothing on NWN.


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