Meet Amastrea Frostlight

The Barefoot Mage

Between the two alts I am playing most on Wyrmrest, the one I am enjoying more by far is my precocious little mage.

Amaida (formerly Amaiya on Farstriders) is a little bit difficult to play. Being an idiot that has the vocabulary of a 4-year-old is perhaps not the best roleplaying choice to make. I love the idea of it though. I just wish people would talk to me, but no one seems to care to. I can’t say I blame them. It was the choice I made.

Amastrea, on the other hand, has gotten herself into brawls in the local tavern, took a lovely stroll in Eversong with a handsome fellow mage, and managed to offend one of the local Blood Knight officials, and she does it all while barefoot!


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