Amarriel’s Diary

Day One

I left the farm on the outskirts of Sunstrider early this morning and made my way to the spire. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining brightly, a good day to start fresh on a new life.

I’ve come to seek my destiny in the big city, famous Silvermoon. I feel the stirrings of the light in me and I want to learn more.

I ran numerous errands at the spire and on into Falconwing Square. The Wretched are simply horrible. To be warped by the power of the light like that… It’s abominable. I have never been one to abuse power. Power is there as a blessing to share and use to help others.

I use the light to help me be stronger when fighting things like the Wretched, and to heal others who have been hurt.

I am spending the night in Falconwing. We shall see what the morning brings. So far the other paladins I have met have been great help, and very understanding in the use of the light. I’m a little worried about what will come when I reach Silvermoon.

Day Two

I rose even earlier today, in time to see the sun rise red over the horizon. There are still many errands to run.

On one of my errands to the West Sanctum, I came across a conjurer. We worked together to take out the elementals there, and he accompanied me to Silvermoon.

His name is Con’renar. He can’t remember his last name. He can’t remember much of anything. He’s very nice, if a bit clumsy sometimes, and quite good at conjuring.

The city! It’s too big. It’s too noisy. It’s too crowded. I just about lost my lunch when I went to inquire about a room in the inn. Thank goodness Con was there to help me.

I’ve promised to help him find himself. He has promised not to burn any more letters for coin.

Tomorrow I must seek the Blood Knights for training. Considering that I nearly ran straight back to Falconwing today, I’m afraid tomorrow will not go well. We shall see.


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