Since When Has “Social” Become a Bad Word?

And for that matter, I can assume “Casual” to be a bad word as well.

Consistently over the last year or so of the Wrath expansion, I have found myself relegated to second class citizen in WoW. It’s a bit confusing to me, because I know I have some skill. I was in the number 4 raiding guild on Cairne throughout what was left of BC. I know that isn’t saying much, since the Cairne server was opened as a reroll server mid-expansion. But…

I had a sense of pride in my skill and reliability as a healer. Back then I was unemployed so I had more time to perfect my toon. Somehow, magically, the guild I was in at the time was the perfect balance of friendliness and raiding (well, up until the guild imploded with drama). Now I am working and I have less time for the game. I know I could get into a raiding guild if all I wanted from the guild was raiding. Part of what kept me going through raiding in BC was friendships within my guild.

Right now, my sadly neglected main is sitting in a guild full of friends, where she will never be a raider. Mainly because the hours that my friends like to raid do not work out with my sleep schedule. I tried finding a raiding guild that worked for me on Cairne. Then I tried transferring to a realm where progression was a big deal, and I found that the world of raiding was not about friendships but about douchebaggery and epeens. So, I came back to my homeserver, and here my main sits.

Why? Because all of the guilds that do 10 man raiding are also doing 25s.
I do not have any desire to be in a 25 man raiding guild. I’ve joined guilds that were 10 man guilds, and they quickly turned into 25 man guilds, because of the quality of loot. I’ve joined 25 man raiding guilds in hopes that maybe I could get into 10 mans, to no avail. I have pugged, and lord knows there’s no douchebaggery in pugs, right?

I feel no animosity towards those who love 25 man raiding. I respect that. I just wish you hadn’t stolen my 10 mans from me. I sincerely hope that the raid lockout changes in Cataclysm will make raiding fun and accessible to both of us.

With my new RP experience under way, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to raiding anyway. Prior to deciding to reroll on an RP server, I exhausted my search for the perfect guild.

I posted numerous times in the Recruitment forums, looking for casual/social guild. I got very few responses. The guilds that responded had very small rosters, which was not what I was looking for.

I then posted a few times on the Guild Relations forums, looking for advice on how to find a guild that fits me and how to choose a realm. The advice I got there was essentially to post on the Recruitment forums.

It was an endless cycle for me, because it appears that, for the most part, the Recruitment forums are for hardcore, server first, raiding guilds.

I looked at server time zone and population on WarcraftRealms, and took some suggested realms from the Guild Relations people. And that is how my alt reroll experiment began. This is what lead me to RP. But this does not solve the concern I have.

Where are my social guilds at? Where are my casual leveling guilds? I guess maybe not many people are leveling towards the end of an expansion. I can think of many people throughout the blog community who are altoholics like me. Where are these people? I know the blog community is in Single Abstract Noun. I’d love to be there too, but here in the US it is an Alliance guild.

Why is there not a way for social players to find like-minded players? Am I the only one left who isn’t an obnoxious loot-whore that doesn’t give a crap about friends in the game?

There should not be this stigma around the social and casual guilds that makes them equivalent to bad. I’m much more willing to take my time and wipe in raids or even heroics with nice people, than kill the Lich King with people who I can’t stand to be around. In my personal opinion, hardcore raiding guilds are bad. They don’t fit me. They may fit some other people, but they are not me.

Yes, I am a social, and I’m proud of it.


3 Responses to Since When Has “Social” Become a Bad Word?

  1. Saga says:

    I think everyone should be allowed to play the game the way they want to – without someone looking down their noses on them for it.

    I was in a 25 man guild, but we lost people and went down to being a 10 man guild. I think part of the reason so many 10 man guilds end up going 25 man eventually is because just like “social” and “casual” seem to be second rate – so does 10 man guilds appear to be. And it sucks.

    I do see some casual/social guilds advertising sometimes in Trade chat – but of course you have to already be ON the realm to see that – and I can imagine not every realm even has it.

    I hope you can find what you’re looking for though! And yes, I think Cataclysm will help at least in the regard that 10 man guilds will be “ok” again since they actually get the same loot as 25 mans.

  2. Tam says:

    I wish you were in the EU, we’d steal you 🙂

    I think people will always reconfigure vocabulary in order to condemn things they don’t like – I think Gevlon is largely the reason ‘social’ is such a dirty word around here. Although what he calls ‘socials’ I call ‘dickheads’ so… we’re probably all closer to each other than we think 🙂

  3. What boggles my mind, is that I often find people complaining of not being able to find like-minded people. One would think that there would be an equally good way of finding a good social guild as there is to finding a good raiding guild.

    When I test out a realm, the first guild I typically encounter is the top raiding guild, but even asking about the good social guilds often gets a person flamed.

    I would also argue that it isn’t often the “good” social guilds that are recruiting in trade chat. The social guilds that advertise in trade are often the ones that will take anyone in and last about a week.

    I do recognize that Gevlon’s use of the word “social” is not necessarily what I am referring to. I have used this term in trade chat and general chat, and been flamed for being a noob, carebear, baddie, etc. just because I am looking for that kind of guild.

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