Amaste’s Tale: Part One

Amaste gathered her books into her pack as class was dismissed, taking her time as she had no where else to go. With the approach of the undead army imminent, her parents and elder siblings had gone to prepare for battle and assist the rangers. That left her and her younger sister to stay with her elderly aunt on the outskirts of the city.

She didn’t want to leave the city. She didn’t want to leave the academy. More than anything she just wanted some quiet so she could continue to study. There was no sense in worrying about the Scourge. If the rangers did not hold them, surely the Elfgates would.

As the last of her classmates trudged out of the room, she regretfully hefted her pack over her shoulder and followed. Outside of the academy, the city was a bustle of activity, between rangers preparing for battle, normal life continued for the most part.

She edged her way through the crowds to a park-like area near the academy. She settled her tiny body onto a bench and dug in her pack for a book, settling it on her bony knees to read.

She was a waif of a girl, but beautiful, her hair long and black as night, her skin creamy like milk. The awkwardness of her age was apparent though, her legs and arms long and bony, her hands and feet seemingly larger than her body should have.

Lost in her academic world, she only subconsciously noticed the change in the crowd. There was a sense of urgency tinged by fear radiating through the people surrounding her. Slowly, she looked up, tucking her book back into her pack. People began running madly in every direction.

She caught a frightened looking woman by the arm, and demanded, “What is going on?”

“The undead! They are breaking through!” the woman yelled as she tore out of Amaste’s grasp and continued to run.

The woman’s words broke over the crowd, which erupted with frenzied screams, as they shoved at each other harder, struggling to go… somewhere, anywhere, as if those words finally made the reality hit home to each and every one of them.

Her eyes widening, Amaste muttered in shock, “Through the Elfgate?”

Gasping, she leapt to her feet, elbowing through the crowds as quickly as possible, heading towards her aunt’s house. The crowds thinned to nothing as she got farther from the city center. She ran. She had to reach her aunt and her sister.


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