So, the models for the worgen females have been released. Letters from Birdfall has posted the pics here.


I kinda want a worgen now.

No. No. No.

I remain dedicated to my hordies and the prospect of my goblin rogue and troll druid.


3 Responses to Worgen

  1. Saga says:

    I have to admit, I’m a little bit disappointed by the worgen female model. I was hoping for a bit.. hmm.. more. But hopefully they will tweak it a bit before the final release is done – they did say it’s not the final product.

  2. Tam says:

    Oh my, they are disconcertingly cute….

  3. Typically Alliance, eh?

    I am your typical Alliance Fangirl. I’m playing Horde, but I can’t bring myself to make an Orc or a Tauren. They just aren’t cute enough.

    ~goes off to stab herself~

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