To Do List (Before Cataclysm)

My goals before Cataclysm is released:

  1. Get one of my babies on Wyrmrest Accord to level 80 (most likely Amaste).
  2. Participate in RP on Wyrmrest and hopefully find a guild.
  3. Continue to write Amaste’s Tale.
  4. Possibly get my DK on Wyrmrest to level 80 and flesh out her story.

In other news:

Amaste is level 18 now. I could be healing randoms by using LFD. For some reason, I’m scared.

I’m not sure what my problem is. I was never scared when I jumped into healing randoms on Vivacious. I think it’s the limit of Paladin healing spells that is getting to me. Right now I have Holy Light and Lay on Hands. Then again, Druids and Priests don’t have much at low level either. Time to just cannonball into the pool. Geronimo!


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