The Good, the Bad and the Pugly

I’ve found that there are 3 distinct types of groups that may arise when using the random LFD tool.

The Good

This is a great group. People respond when spoken to and some silly chatter is maintained throughout the dungeon. No one is linking recount. Even if someone is not the best tank, healer or damage, no one is bickering about this. There are no gearscore or aggro wars here. If a mistake happens it gets shrugged off and we move on to complete the dungeon.

The Bad

This may not be your idea of bad, but it is to me. You enter the dungeon and say “Hi.” No one responds. The tank is already pulling the first pack. The tank chain pulls through the dungeon, barely pausing if someone indicated they need mana. The dungeon is completed smoothly and quickly, but no one says a word. There may be a “thanks” at the end of the run, but that’s it.

I don’t know about you, but I play this game partially as a social outlet. I would almost rather be in a group that is Pugly than have this dead silence. At least Pugly is interesting.

I don’t know if these people are gold farmers that don’t speak English, or perhaps they’ve been beaten into submission by all of the dicks out there and so now refuse to speak to anyone in game. Maybe they are robots?! I don’t know, but I wish they could at least say something. The most I’ve been able to get out of these people is “Hi,” “lol,” “?,” “r,” “wtf,” and “thx.”

The Pugly

These horrible runs come in many forms. You may choose to stick with the group, votekick the culprits out, or leave on your own and take the debuff. These are the groups where only one of the damage dealers is doing more damage than the tank, even though he is pulling aggro, feels that he can wave his epeen around because of it. Nevermind that all he is doing is AoEing everything. The other damage dealers are barely pulling 1k and somehow manage to stand in fires, walk the wrong path and pull the pat the tank was avoiding, and pretty much do anything to get the group to wipe. If your tank and healer is competent this kind of group can work, even if the epeen waver is bashing everyone the entire time. If your tank or healer is the epeen waver, good luck.

Even worse if you get multiple epeen wavers in one group. They will do one of two things:
They will argue and try to one-up each other the entire time, spamming recount, linking achievements and gear to no end.
They will gang up on the “weaker” members of the team, complain about the tank’s threat, the dps the others are doing, or the healer’s hps. Someone else is always the noob who deserves berating.

These people will compare gearscore and argue over skipping optional bosses. If someone else manages to out-dps them they will laugh it off with a snide remark about the class in question being faceroll or come back with a racial or sexist slur.


5 Responses to The Good, the Bad and the Pugly

  1. Saga says:

    I managed to get a few people to say a couple of sentences in my random HC today.. second one nothing.. not even a hi. Oh and third.. *rests face in hands* Dear god.. it was..

    Thing is.. everyone was well-geared. But we got into CoS.. and as we approach the dragon with 8 minutes to spare the tank stops. He wants us to wait at Arthas so that he can pull the dragon and bring it in to Mal’ganis because “it’s fun”. I pointed out that it may be fun to him, but hardly for the healer.

    The healer didn’t pay attention and didn’t stop, but kept running towards the dragon. So the tank initiated a vote to kick. I said no but apparently everyone else said yes. Come on, seriously? The healer had done fine the entire instance and we kick him right before the final boss(es)? So not cool..

    So a new healer enters the group.. and the tank runs off and pulls the dragon before the healer is even standing by us. So I die from the debuff in the tunnel on the way to Mal’ganis.. another dps die during the fight..

    And the whole point of this was what? It’s not like you save any time by doing it this way.. Feels to me it’s just like.. oh look at me! I can tank 2 bosses at once!

    Sorry, I’m just venting.. I found that run thoroughly frustrating hehe

    I like your description of the three kinds of groups and I agree with them. Very apt descriptions indeed!

    • Wow! I can see how that could be a fun challenge, but save those kinds of things for runs with people you know, not random strangers. That poor healer, did nothing wrong and got kicked.

      I’ve really grown to despise the vote to kick. You can’t use it when you obviously have a jerk in group who refuses to leave until you’ve been paired with him for 15 minutes. Can’t use it while in combat. When people can use it they seem to try to use it for the most inane reasons.

      Whew! It’s good to vent. ❤

  2. Unrelated to your post, but AMA! How are you!!

    • I’m doing great, all things considered. Sometimes I think I should have taken you up on the offer to follow you to Cenarius. Although, from what I gather, you’ve been drifting as much as me.

      You have no idea how my jaw dropped when I realized I had stumbled onto a blog that you are writing on. Random blogroll clicking ftw!

      Miss ya, girl. Don’t let the haters get you down.

  3. pilfkin says:

    Ah-hah, at least when I fail at out-dpsing the tank its because he’s a) In T9 and I’m in blues, b) He’s paladin and c) Something else… Oh yes, smooshing undead. And I’m grovelling apologetic!

    Also I hate the silence. Every group I drop into (usually lowbie pugs on alts) I *always* say hi. If no-one responds *shrug*. I say thanks for buffs, and congrats when people win rolls. I think people are more likely to say something in lowbie pugs but even so it’s unlikely to be conversation that sets the world on fire. And this is why we play with vent running *nods*.

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