No work today – and here’s why:

May has been the crazy month from hell. The first week of the month we had snow. Yes, you heard me right, SNOW.  Now that the month is winding down we are having temperatures at 90 degrees with 80% humidity. I’m meeeelllltttting! The joys of living in Wisconsin.

The AC broke at work yesterday. The building has no windows that actually open, and many computers running, which adds up to HOT! I stuck it out in temperatures inside that had to have been close to 110. Listening to customers complain while trapped in a cubicle is near torture to begin with, then add in the infernos of hell, not fun.  My car, parked in the sun outside, felt cooler than the inside of my office when I left for the day.

So the AC is still not fixed, and they decided to close the office rather than torture us again. So here I am on maintenance Tuesday with no WoW at my disposal. What is a girl to do?

Well, catch up on all the blogs I read. Woohoo!


4 Responses to Boo!

  1. Saga says:

    Well always a good reason to read blogs! But Tuesday Maintenance does suck when you’re off work for any reason. The one time you’re off – and the servers are down! Not fair!

  2. Val says:

    Oh, Sweden could use some heat. Send it right over, please ;D Since I play on the European servers I get maintenance on Wednesday mornings… always fun (fun as in annoying) when you want to log in only to realize that you can’t. Meh.

    As for catching up on blogs, that I can do at work ;D Well, assuming my l33t receptionist duties aren’t required.

    Also, thanks for the comment on the post yesterday, of course I managed to mess up and not publish it >.<' But I agree with what you said, that a compromise might be the best way to go about ("sorry you died, watch out for whirlwind/get out of the fire/don't overaggro next time m'kay?").

  3. Moreo says:

    That is all.

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