Everquest 2 – First Impressions

There are so many choices! I love it! From alignment to race to class.

I can be a dark elf! Ever since I read my first Drizzt book I’ve been in love with the Drow.

I can be a monk! That is one thing I’ve been missing in WoW. No matter how you roleplay it, a rogue just is not the same. There’s something so basic and primal about the monk class. I’m gonna wear leather and kick the crap out of you with my bare hands, ok?

So, currently I have a human Monk, a high elf Templar, and a dark elf Wizard. Yes, I’m still an altoholic. I think the Monk is what I will stick with though. Monks were always my favorite class in Neverwinter Nights, and they still are.

What else is different from WoW?

On first impression the world seems much bigger than Azeroth. Everything is more realistic and less cartoonish. I give WoW props, their world is beautiful, but it did take me a while to get used to the graphics. This feels more real.

I can skill up in every gathering skill! I’m a miner-lumberjack-herbalist-trapper.

There is much more customization of character appearance. You can give your character a last name (without an addon). There is also an option for special display only clothes (unlocks at level 20, so I haven’t actually seen this yet).

Last but certainly not least. One word: GODS! There are deities that you can be affiliated with and they can enhance your game through blessings and miracles.


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