My Favorite NPCs (big and small)

In no particular order:

  1. Sylvanas Windrunner – “Anar’alah belore/Shindu Sin’dorei/Shindu fallah na/Sin’dorei”
  2. Millhouse Manastorm – “Hahaha, alriiight! Who ordered up an extra large can of whoop-ass?”
  3. Griftah – “Look over here, -class-! I got somethin’ for ya. Just what ya need. It’s soap, right… and it’s on a rope! No offense, man, but yer a little ripe, know what I’m saying?”
  4. Chromie – “How did I learn your name ? You could say that we have met before. To that end, we shall also meet again.”
  5. Alexstrazsa – The Life-Binder, The Dragonqueen
  6. Oralius – The only sane one at Morgan’s Vigil.
  7. Lonika Stillblade – “Then, a new generation of rogues will learn such staples as the gouge’n’grin, combat looting, and blaming someone else for breaking polymorph. And who can forget the central rule of roguery — real rogues don’t feint.”
  8. Gamon – “Not again!”
  9. Hemet Nesingwary – The Great Game Hunter
  10. Apothecary Keever – (sheep explodes) “Keever is most pleased.”

One Response to My Favorite NPCs (big and small)

  1. Erinys says:

    So glad Apothecary Keever made your list. He’s awesome, all my Alliance characters have to go and kill him as a rite of passage.

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