We interrupt your regularly scheduled favorites to bring you this important announcement:


That is all.

Ok. I lied. That isn’t all. Allow me to explain.

Everquest doesn’t suck. I enjoyed it for a bit. It’s very complex and spread out. It feels way too Sandbox-ish when compared to WoW. This is kind of liberating, but also disconcerting. I know, I know. Everquest is not a Sandbox game, it just feels far less linear than WoW. Don’t argue with me. That’s how it felt to me, anyway.

Long story short, I’m going back to WoW. I’m going back to my main. I am probably going to abandon my RP babies. ~sigh~ Yes, I feel guilty as hell.

I’ve missed my Disc Priest. A lot. A ton.

Here’s the thing…. I wish I could start over with just my 80 Disc Priest. New bank alt. New baby alts. I want a clean character list so I can start fresh and fill it up again. Yes, I realize I can do that very easily by deleting all my other toons, but…

How can I delete my level 80 paladin and my level 69 warlock? Far too much time, energy and love went into them. How can I just throw that away? Well, I don’t know.

I’m going to start out deleting any excess toons that I know I don’t want. Poor, poor shaman. The shaman class is my bane. Can’t get past level 12 on a shaman. My dream of having one of each healing class ends at the shaman.

So, at the end, that leaves me with my main, my warlock/bank alt, my 80 paladin, my 33 druid, my DK, and a baby mage. 6/10 isn’t bad. And now to start a Belf Holy Pally on Cairne. If I keep her, then I may just be able to get rid of Levity, then I won’t feel so guilty because I’ll still have an 80 paladin.

Rambling random post gets even more rambling

On top of that, I’m planning on gquitting my friends’ guild. No one is ever on. I don’t get to raid with them when they are on.

I’m not going to actively look for a guild this time. I’m just going to PUG when I have time and see what offers I get and go from there. I’m not an uber leet healer, but I’m good. I don’t want to have to try to sell myself to people. I want to find a group that truly just wants me, wants a Disc Priest. I hate having to try to fight my way into raids/groups.

Looking back, maybe all of this was me getting the “end of expansion blahs” really, really early (halfway through the expansion). From leaving Cairne in the first place, all the way to now, it has been an adventure. Time to come home.

Still rambling…

I’d like to discuss the virtual me, something that was brought up in a circular fashion on the blogosphere by Pilfkin, Sven and Gazimoff.

I love my main. My Disc Priest was the first toon I really connected with. I love her looks. I love the way she plays. She has absolutely no personality. This late in the game, I’m not sure I can instill her with a personality. Besides, I really don’t want to RP a priest of Elune. Bleh.

I think this may be one of the reasons that I had been pulling away from her. I found that while RPing, some toons really clicked for me and took on a personality of their own. Some clicked RP wise but not mechanically – the mage. Some clicked mechanically, but not RP wise – the hunter. I want the best of both worlds, and I found that in my Belf paladin. This is why I will be rolling one on Cairne.

That said, it frightens me that I’m pulling away from Ama. She’s been a part of my identity for 2 years now. I don’t want to lose my interest in her.

I know, all of this sounds absolutely batshit crazy. I’m taking things way too seriously, and it’s past time to just have fun. That is what I intend to do, but I needed to get the drivel out of my head.


2 Responses to We interrupt your regularly scheduled favorites to bring you this important announcement:

  1. Pilfkin says:

    No not batshit crazy… because that would also me me batshit crazy… And I’m totally 100% sane *cackles*.

    And thanks for the link-love, I’m insanely flattered.

    • ~blushes~ I’m insanely flattered that you commented. Reading your blog was a huge inspiration for me when I finally decided to give RP a try. I love your blog and I love your stories. I only wish that some day I might be as talented as you.

      I’m still insanely shy about my writing, so RP is a huge challenge for me.

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