My Favorite WoW Machinima

  1. Blind by Percula. Words can’t explain how Epic this Machinima is. I love Ony! ~swoon~
  2. All the Ninja Raiders – by RavenSylphe, vocals by EmberIsolte. EmberIsolte blogs at Girls Do Play WoW.
  3. ROFLMAO by Oxhorn. Watch all the Oxhorn movies at Dooo eeeet!
  4. Jimmy, The World of Warcraft Story by Rurikar. Because Everquest sucks.
  5. Discipline Priest in AV by PurplePenquin. PurplePenquin is my ex. He is the person who introduced me to the Priest class and made me fall in love with Disc. Respect.

3 Responses to My Favorite WoW Machinima

  1. Val says:

    Lovely, especially number one. I’ve seen it before (and obviously loved it), but thanks for reminding me of it. Watched again. Still awesome. ^.-

  2. Anea says:

    I agree, I really love Blind. Whenever I watch it, it makes me want to pick my rogue back up. (And also that the animations were like the machinima!)

  3. Blind also brought home the story line for Ony for me. Most people have no idea of her story, especially now. My favorite part is when Lady Prestor goes “shhh.”

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