Amaste’s Tale: Part Two

Time seemed to slow as her feet fell rhythmically on the cobblestones, one step after another. She could hear the thudding of her heart as it worked to push blood through her struggling body. She could feel the tickle of a slow bead of sweat sliding down the middle of her back as she ran.

Her mind raced with images and thoughts, but none of them coalesced into true thinking. She was running mindless and numb, her only true thought was to get to her aunt’s house.

The world burst into flames around her as the sweet sickly scent of rotting flesh engulfed her. The Scourge had been here.

She darted off of the road, tripping over an errant tree root. She rolled into a tumble aiming her body to land behind the tree that had caused her fall. Although she had not seen a soul, dead or alive, she needed to be wary not to be caught. The undead had been here and may be here yet. She moved cautiously, slinking from behind burning rubble, trees and bushes as she approached the house.

Suddenly she stopped in a crouch, her body going completely rigid, as her eyes fell on the flames consuming her aunt’s house. Her body and mind froze completely as the gravity of the situation hit her full force.

She gulped in a deep breath. She had not realized she was holding her breath. Then coughing violently at the smoke and stench she had inhaled, the spell was broken and she started to stumble towards the burning house.

She had to know for sure…


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