This is my first time.

Doing my random heroic on Ama the other day, and sure enough I get Old Kingdom. Usually I hate Old Kingdom. Not that it is really that hard, but if you get a weaker tank and dps that can’t manage their aggro… Well, you can see where I’m going with this.

Surprisingly, I had a very pleasant tank, some dps that were forgettable, if only because they were your average 5k GS silent types. And then there was the hunter.

As we enter and are buffing up, the hunter says, “This is my first time here. Feel free to give advice.”


Ok. First time in Old Kingdom? Wow!

And so my mind drifts off to my first time entering the instance, and I start looking around at everything with my eyes wide open as if it was my first time too.

The tank opted to do all of the bosses to give the hunter the full experience and no one complained.


It was an amazing run. From the first boss and advising the hunter to take out the guardians when they came up, to approaching Amanitar and the whispers beginning.

The best part was after we killed Herald Volazj. The hunter said, “Was I supposed to be killing my party members?”

We all got a good chuckle out of that and explained that yes, that was normal.

Old Kingdom may be one of my least favorite instances to get as a random, but as far as content goes, I love it. Anything to do with the Old Gods is something I love and can’t get enough of.

There has been much speculation that initially Azjol-Nerub was intended to be a raid dungeon. I truly wish that it had been. There is so much in those two instances, so much story and so much beauty and wonder.

Maybe someday Blizz will resurrect these dungeons into the raid that they deserve to be.


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