Every Server has One

That one guild, where you know if they are looking for PuGs, you avoid it like the plague (unless you’re looking to bash your head against a wall repeatedly).

It is rare enough to get fellow server-mates in a random heroic. Apparently it isn’t rare enough. The “tank” was from that one guild. The Death Knight “tank” was wearing mostly PvP gear, with a few pieces of PVE dps gear and one piece of tank gear.

He was very squishy. He was so squishy we were wiping on trash.

I’m frantically clicking “Vote to Kick,” meanwhile attempting to be polite to him and whispering him that he should stick to a dps role until he has a full set of tanking gear with defense capped. He agrees with me, but does he voluntarily leave? Of course not.

Meanwhile I’m getting the little warnings, “This person cannot be kicked for another 8 minutes.”


Finally, I am able to kick him after much aggravation on my part desperately trying to keep his critable butt alive. As he gets kicked he has the nerve to call me a “fuckwad.” Really? I’m the fuckwad who queued to tank when I obviously couldn’t? I was trying to be nice by giving him advice and suggesting he not queue as tank. He agreed with me, but didn’t take the hint that we could not do the instance with him tanking.

~sigh~ Honestly, I feel a bit guilty. I don’t think I should feel guilty though. If I hadn’t done it, the other people in the group would have.

I didn’t even dream of trying to tank heroics until I was defense capped on my pally. Even then I felt bad because my health pool was only 26k.

WTB a thingy that measures whether a tank is defense capped otherwise won’t let them queue as tank in heroics.


4 Responses to Every Server has One

  1. Anea says:

    I agree with you. Even though I haven’t had to deal with that in heroics (not that I remember, anyway) what is driving me up the WALL is “tanks” that show up in my lowbie dungeons that are Ret with a 2H or Ret with a sword and shield, trying to hide it. Perhaps that works in the very lowest of dungeons, but you NEED to be Prot and have a shield in BRD. Really, you do. I wish there was some function in the LFD tool that could measure things, such a whether or not you’re Prot, have a shield, defense, etc. Would make healer’s lives SO much easier.

  2. I don’t mind Ret or Fury tanks at low low level, but you’re right, once you hit BRD it’s kind of time to be serious about it. And certainly by the time you’re doing heroics you should have a minimum of gear. Honestly, the same should apply to all classes and roles. I was never one to skip regular dungeons and go straight to heroics.

    Thanks for the comment. ❤

  3. Saga says:

    I think for low level dungeons it doesn’t matter too much (as long as you at least have a shield), but of course at level 80 getting defense capped is your one big thing that you need to do as a tank.

    I have levelled 4 tank classes and I have never entered a heroic without being defense capped. To be honest I never even entered one on two despite being defense capped because I felt bad about my 25-26k health.

    Which is silly really. As a healer I don’t care if the tank has 25k health as long as he’s defense capped and knows what he’s doing.

    Requiring the tank to have more health than that is just silly. We’re just too spoilt when we see the 40-50k tanks now and then who are raiders that just do their one dungeon per day.

    But defense cap. You HAVE to have it. And you have to be tank specced. For level 80 heroics there is no way out of this one.

    I don’t care if you have ilevel264 fury gear.. if you’re not defense capped and prot specced you’re not tanking my heroic. You might have 35k health in your dps spec, but you don’t have the threat or the mitigation to survive – no matter what you think.

    It just really annoys me when people think that because they’re class Y they can tank no matter what.

    • Agreed, Saga. I think what annoyed me more than anything was that he agreed with me that he had no business tanking, but then gave me attitude when I kicked him. If you know that you have no business tanking, don’t be a douche and pretend to do it.

      It’s kind of disheartening, when it is so rare to run into someone from your own server in a random, and then to find that you have to ignore that person instead of friend them.

      It’s funny, because when I was leveling my priest up, it was so easy for me to make friends, especially with good tanks. Every good tank wanted a pool of good healers on their friends list. Now, I never hear from the people I group with again, even if they are from my realm.

      It’s easy for me to place the blame on Blizz and the LFD tool, but it’s just a tool. I guess the majority of WoW players are not really there to make friends in game, just to use people as a means to get more epic lootz.

      Whoa. This response made a turn towards depressing. Errmm… Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! ~smiles like a goofball and runs away~

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