My Fishing Hero

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a Cairne realm far, far away…

When I was a baby holy priest making my way up in the world along with everyone else, I met a Night Elf hunter named Swimfan. Swimfan was leveling fishing and cooking. We often bumped into each other in obscure parts of Theramore that we both found perfect fishing spots. Then we’d bump into each other in Stormwind as we were cooking up our catch.

Swimfan was an inspiration for me. I imagine her enjoying a  swim in the ocean off of Stranglethorn, then winning the fishing contest on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We whispered each other about how much we enjoyed fishing. We traded buff foods. She is how and why Ama has maxed fishing/cooking. We never quested or did anything else together, but we fished and cooked.

Yes, I am that odd duck that absolutely adores the monotony of fishing. It was my after raid wind down activity for a good long time. Sometimes I would deliberately go out fishing to get away from it all. So much time spent fishing up goldfish in Terrokar. I’d often tell my friends I couldn’t help them with Heroic X because I had to fish.

Amazing how random perfect strangers make an impact on your game. At some point Swimfan disappeared, but not from my memory. Every time I settle down to fish I think of my fishing buddy with fondness.

All you fishing enthusiasts out there, leave me a comment, pretty please.


2 Responses to My Fishing Hero

  1. ethermead says:

    I’ve grown to love fishing as well, actually. I didn’t used to like it (boring!) but just chilling out with your pole and fishing up some fish that can be cooked into buff food is nice. I’ve never had the chance to make a fishing buddy though – how nice you ended up eventually bonding over fishing!

  2. An Anea by any other name would smell just as fishy? Wait… no… ~scampers off to update the Blogroll~

    I think making a fishing buddy in game is a rather rare experience. I feel lucky to have had one. Most people I run into hate fishing and find it boring.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck with the new site. ❤

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