This one time at dragon camp…

Did I ever tell you the story about the time I was leveling skinning in the Badlands on my DK alt on TFC?

I was making my way around Lethlor Ravine, skinning every winged booger I could find. After about my 100th kill, guess what dropped? Yes, the infamous Dark Whelpling. Woohoo!

I continued skinning until my bags were chock full of skins and flame sacs and forked tongues. Then I made my way back to Ironforge to auction off my skins and vendor the tongues and various other bits o’ dragon I had collected.

Then, I set off to the mailbox to mail the new baby dragon to Ama. And for some reason when preparing to put the pet in the mail, I right clicked. I right clicked and got that whelpling as the very first and only pet for my lucky lil DK.

Queue hissy fit of cursing and stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth.

Said DK alt has since been deleted and forgotten, but the lesson has been learned. Be extra careful when sending usable items in the mail, for misclicks are so easy to make.

I’ve found that if I really, really want something on Ama, some other toon will find it’s way to getting it with little to no effort at all, while Ama has farmed and farmed things to no avail. This little situation was a good example, but entirely my own fault. A better example is my silly Paladin, who got the Polar Bear mount from the Brunnhildar daily after doing the quest twice. Ama, on the other hand, has to have done the daily hundreds of times and gets nothing but Yeti Cheese and Snowballs.


2 Responses to This one time at dragon camp…

  1. Saga says:

    Oh I can so recognise myself in this. Isn’t it annoying how alts sometimes get the oddest things falling into their laps while your main is working really hard for the same thing?

    I had a new level 80 paladin some time ago and was doing Heroics on her. I got Oculus and as I got the loot bag at the end.. what falls out of it, if not the reins of the blue drake.

    I should have been happy. But I wasn’t. Because 1) I never really play her anymore and 2) she’s the only alt of mine without epic flying and therefore can’t even use it!

    • Oooh! Ouch! That’s what happened with me as well. I never play my paladin anymore, yet there she sits with the mount I want on my main. Oh well… That’s the way Lady RNG works, I suppose.

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