Pugging ICC

I pugged ICC 25 with my best friend last night. I haven’t even stepped into ICC since I transferred back to Cairne. So last night I felt extremely shaky. We downed Marrowgar and then I had to go to bed (stupid work – grumble).

There were some ups and downs. The raid leader had clearly stated that if a BoE drops then you need to equip it immediately. We had two BoE’s drop on trash. One of them went to a tank and he equipped it right away, we moved on. The second item went to a hunter, who didn’t respond when asked to equip the item, then DCed. Ninja much? So said hunter promptly ends up on everyone’s ignore list.

Which brings me to the asshole mage, who has all the way through trash been bitching about us not moving fast enough. When we wipe on the first attempt on Marrowgar, he/she immediately begins bitching about how this fight is easy. We should not be wiping. Blah blah. Expletive expletive.

Another raider questioned said mage on not doing any damage on Bonespikes. To which the mage called said raider a Jew, of all things, and said that one person not dpsing Bonespikes doesn’t ruin it.

This one person somehow managed to embody all of what turns me off from raiding in one person. Amazing, right? From racist comments, to elitist dps, to gogogo, to this is easy.

This mage left after the second wipe and took 5 others with her. After they left we replaced them and one-shotted Marrowgar. It was beautiful, and leads me to believe that the impatient dickish people are the ones who bring down raids and make it so people don’t/can’t perform. Speaking for myself personally, I know I performed much better after the negativity was removed from the group.

I was so disappointed to have to leave after Marrowgar. Honestly, I miss raiding. I miss the teamwork. I miss the joy of finally killing a boss after wiping on it. I miss the interaction with other people (nice people that is).

What I don’t miss is the amount of time it takes to get a 25 man going. This is and the fact that there are always going to be douches when you get that many people together is why I prefer 10 mans. My play time is limited. I just don’t have time for either anymore.

The 10 man guilds on my server are all start up guilds which probably won’t last. I don’t know if that means I shouldn’t give them a try, or not. On one hand, I’d love to be in a small guild like that. On the other hand, these start up guilds almost always fail and disband after a few weeks or at most a few months.

Either way, I think it might be time for me to start actively looking for a guild, rather than just passively waiting for someone to recruit me from a pug.


2 Responses to Pugging ICC

  1. Tam says:

    I miss 25-mans, too. I miss the chaos and the excitement. I don’t miss the higher complete dickhead quota though.

    • Urghh. I don’t miss 25 mans, and I learned that the other night, but I do miss raiding. I’m ideally looking for a 10 man team, but I’m not sure I’ll find it.

      I don’t know if you ever feel the same way, Tam, but I often feel lost in 25 mans. I feel as though my healing isn’t really needed. I love healing as Disc, but being on the bottom of healing charts makes me feel like crap (even though rationally I know better).

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