Is Disc the new LolSmite?

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here, but I wanted to make a little comment, and let you all know how I’m feeling. Not that you care, but that I gotta get it off my chest.

I looked at the priest talent changes for Cata. I’m frightened by the priest talent changes. I don’t want to have to pewpew in order to healheal. Zelmaru at Murloc Parliament pretty much said how I’m feeling about it here.

My only hope is that either these are just side talents intended to aid our effectiveness in solo/pvp situations, or that things are still going to change. As we all know it’s only Alpha. Nothing is set in stone, I hope.

It’s kind of funny, because honestly, if I could, I would go back to my old Divine Spirit Holy/Disc build from BC. That was the spec I felt most comfortable in and it afforded me the luxury to be the kind of healer I wanted to be.

Part of what I resent in the changes since Wrath was released is the pigeonholing. You’re a tank healer. You’re a raid healer. In my heyday in BC I was the everything healer. I was the support healer. I could heal anything you put me on. I miss that. I can still do that as Disc now, but no one assigns for that. Maybe I just had an awesome raid leader back then who let me do what I wanted.

With the coming of Cata I’m considering leveling up to 85 as Holy. I want to be able to heal both ways. This expansion I tried Holy and failed miserably. I don’t know if its because I leveled up as Disc and was so used to it I couldn’t change, or if I just suck at Holy. If the Disc design remains as it is, heavily smitey, I may just have to try switching.

Time will tell…


2 Responses to Is Disc the new LolSmite?

  1. domni says:

    Just want to give you a hug and assure you to not panic.

    My dearest hope is that, with Cataclysm, raid leaders will wisen up and see the flexibility that Discipline has. I *am* my own raid leader and so I know that Disc can still do whatever they want and do it well. And I think that they’re going to do it even better in Cataclysm.

    Your shields and your newly empowered heals will be the crux of your abilities. The smite talents will simply let you play around a little without having to choose between dps or heals, since you’re contributing to both. With less frantic healing needed, there might actually be time to send off a smite.

    In one scenario, you are so versatile in a 10 man that you can handle light environmental adds while the DPS focus on the scary adds. (Think ice spheres on Lich King or a kinetic bomb from Princes.) And that mild DPS is also a heal to a target who needs it most, so you aren’t giving up your role entirely in order to help the raid.

    In another scenario, use it like a Holy Paladin judgment. An occasional cast that builds up to yield the powerful Archangel buff.

    In yet another scenario, you only use it situationally. Say…right after Barrier goes up and everyone is defended for a few seconds, send off a couple smites and then pop Archangel to regen mana and to burst strong heals over the group as the Barrier fades. That will help recoup the cast of an expensive spell.

    This is speculation, but it’s a different idea of how all of our abilities might work together to give us more flexibility. I see a lot of Disc priests feeling uncertain because this is new. But I think it will be okay.

  2. Yeah, I can see it being kind of handy in that sense. I’ve been using Penance to emergency dps occasionally when I have time, in similar situations to the ones you described above. It’s a bit disconcerting to me because I’ve never found smite to be my strongest or most efficient damage dealing spell. I guess that’s about to change.

    I think you’re right. Regardless of the changes, I’d still be nervous, just because it is a change. It will be alright in the end. Whether I personally like it or not, only time will tell.

    I still think I’m going to try and level up Holy, just to see how that spec is and if I can be the raid healer for a change.

    Thanks for the comment. ❤

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