Squee! New Mount!

So, the other day, I offered in trade to take some dps with me on my random heroic. I got a mage, a hunter and a warrior. We got Oculus. As soon as we got in the random tank and the mage dropped group.

The warrior offered to tank, so we took him up on that and got a ret pally and a DK in the group. Somehow said Ret pally managed to get lost and fall off of his drake as we were flying to one of the trash islands before Varos Cloudstrider. He promptly said he had to go.

We replace him with another ret pally and carry on. All was well until we got to Eregos. For some reason we decided to try to do Ruby Void. We had 4 Ambers and one Emerald. We failed…twice.

Around this time, I’m thinking maybe it isn’t worth it. The two people left from my server, the Warrior and the Hunter, decide they’ve wasted too much time and bail. The DK queues as tank since there is no more real tanking left to do, and we quickly fill up and decide to take Eregos on like normal (one Ruby, one Emerald, three Amber).

We go and loot his cache, and what do I find in mine, but the lovely Reins of the Blue Drake. I knew there was a reason I stuck with it!


2 Responses to Squee! New Mount!

  1. Anea says:

    Yay! Grats on the mount – it was clearly hard earned, patience-wise 🙂

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