No guild and no raid make Ama go something something…


So… The other night I found myself with all sorts of free time and a WoW as my playground. So I did my random heroic. I did a random dungeon on my druid and realized she is out of rested xp, so decided to set her aside for a bit. I thought about playing my mage, but I’m kind of struggling with her, so decided not to. I thought about making a new alt and even went so far as to make one, log on and level to 2 then stop and delete her. I thought about working on my DK, but that did not sound inspiring. I thought about pugging a raid on Ama, but I wasn’t in the mood to put up with a plethora of dickheads.

I think maybe I was thinking too much about how to have fun in the fame instead of just doing it. I find myself in this situation all too often. It isn’t that I don’t have fun in the game, because I often do. It isn’t that I have nothing left to do. There are a ton of things I’d like to do.

So where are the doldrums coming from? Why am I logging in and struggling to decide what to do. Perhaps my problem is too many options.

Icelica is being put on hold and may end up being rerolled as a Worgen so I can level up a Worgen with my bestest friend.

My focus needs to be on Ama and Viva. That’s it. No more alts until Cata. That is my vow (for now).


2 Responses to No guild and no raid make Ama go something something…

  1. Saga says:

    I always say to myself.. that’s it.. no more alts! And then a week later there it is.. a level 1… *sigh* Something is wrong with me, I swear!

    • I’m the same way. So either there is something wrong with both of us, or we’re both perfectly normal.

      I’ve deleted more toons than I even want to think about. Daily, I consider deleting my 80 Paladin so I’ll have more alt space. Daily I talk myself out of it, because 80 is a big deal, even if I never play her.

      I’ve considered deleting my Warlock a million times. She sat at level 58 for a year on my old server before I transferred her over to Cairne and leveled her to 69. I couldn’t go any farther with her. I have no idea what kind of talents she has or how to use her. I keep her as my tailor/bank alt. Make meh some bags, wench, or feel da back a meh hand!

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