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This month has been a bit more active with searches that found my lil blog, and more interesting by far. Here goes:

I turned myself into Azeroth fairy

  • You did? There are fairies in Azeroth? And you can turn yourself into one? Do tell!

Paladin roleplay

  • Yes, Amaste’s Tale is going to continue, despite the fact that I’ve abandoned my RP server. I’ve put way too much thought into her story to just let it end after one chapter.

Mangos polimorf Kel Thuzad

  • Really? What kind of polymorph spell do Mangos have? Turn delicious? Or does Mangos mean something else in another language that I’m not familiar with? I highly doubt anyone can polymorph Kel Thuzad, he’s a boss afterall.  Kind of unrelated but V8 Splash Mango Peach juice is wonderful. Go try some!

Gearing up a Holy Priest

  • Yes, I play a Priest. She is not Holy. There is no gear guide on this site, but I dug one up. Dawn Moore’s guide at Spiritual Guidance on can be found here.

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