Freezing Trap Sucks

So I was meandering in Trade Chat the other day (yes, I realize that was my first mistake), and I found a Hunter ranting rather insistently about how Freezing Trap sucks. It traps the mob in a block of ice and then if I hit it the trap breaks. Completely worthless, right?

~sigh~ A whole generation of Huntards have been raised on WotLK AoE and will need to be trained about CC, assuming that Blizzard truly does intend to bring CC back. Gosh, I hope they do. It should make dungeons a little more interesting.

AoE fest heroics at this point are completely boring and tedious unless you get a tank who rushes, but a rushing tank is only fun if you can keep up with him and he isn’t a dick about it and if he can actually hold aggro.

WTB challenging heroics. Maybe I was just poorly skilled, but I found Heroics in BC to be much more challenging. Things had to be CCed. Pulls had to be made in certain ways to avoid pulling pats. If you pulled an extra pat it often meant wiping. I wouldn’t say that the heroics were hard. They were not hard unless you ran with people who had no clue. Even then, you could often teach people to CC or LoS or mark pulls.

The only place I can think of that has caused me problems is in Utgarde Pinnacle, after killing Skadi, the room where there is an abomination at the back and a few groups with Berserkers that fear. I have wiped there because the fear has caused the group to go flying into the other mobs. I’ve asked tanks to LoS for the first pull in that room. I get scoffed at. I understand it’s a non-issue if there is a shaman with (Tremor Totem ftw), but I only have one fear ward.

At this point I completely overgear the instance, so it is a mute point, but there was a time about a tier level ago when I struggled to keep everyone alive if the whole room got pulled.

I’m a little frightened to see what will happen if Blizzard does bring back the need for CC. I know I’m ready to shackle undead boogers, but this rant I saw in trade leads me to believe that a majority don’t even know what CC is.

—-Side Rant—-

Level 80 paladin is spamming trade looking for an enchanter. I don’t typically answer these calls, but he was persistent and I was not busy so I linked him my enchanting. After about 5 minutes he whispers me back and asks, “How many enchants can I put on each item?” At which point my face hit my desk.

I politely told him that you could only have one enchant per item, but it still completely shocked me. Did he buy his toon on ebay, or is he really that new to the game? I guess I might have been just as clueless if I hadn’t made my main an enchanter.


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