In which Ama joins a guild

So, I finally took the leap and joined a guild. They were advertising need of healers for ICC 10 on my realm forums, and it’s about time I got back into the game.

I’m glad just to have the chatter of guildchat once more. It’s fun to get to know new people. I don’t know anyone in the guild, and that is rather surprising. Having been on the server since it opened, I was starting to feel like I knew everyone.

Ironically the guild has been around since the server opened, and the GM at least remembers me from the old days, even if I don’t remember him.

We ran 3 heroics the other night. Everyone seems very nice and laid back. The toons they took on these heroics were alts, so the lesser gear and still learning the class made for interesting heroics.

Then I got invited into ICC with them, which honestly shocked me. We got through Rotface, the farthest I’ve gotten so far! I have to admit, I’m fairly certain I wiped the raid a few times on Rotface and I died on Festergut.

I have to admit, I’m feeling a little bit lost. It’s the same feeling I had when I was in Resolution before. I don’t like being carried. I don’t want to be carried. I had assumed I was being recruited for the 2nd team, which would be the weaker team, and with people who are more on par with my skill and experience level.

I really like the people. I really like that it’s a 10 man guild. I don’t like being the weakest link.

I may end up having to leave. It hurts too much to be the fail in a guild full of awesome.

So yeah, all the bitter posts about being a scrub are true. I am a scrub. Fail priest is fail. Don’t invite me to your guild or your raid or your pug. Stay far far away, I’ll only let your tanks die.

I don’t quite know what to do. Maybe I should just give up on raiding and focus on alts from now on. Maybe I should just quit the game.

Festergut and Rotface are easy fights, or so I’ve heard. If I’m messing them up, then there must be something really really wrong with me.


4 Responses to In which Ama joins a guild

  1. Tarinae says:

    You can’t let yourself get down. Even if they seem beyond what you see as your own skill/expereince level, they have had to work at it.

    I wasn’t able to do Rotface, I still haven’t done it. You can’t let raiding get you so down if you really want to do it.

    And don’t think about quitting because of raiding, if you find it too stressful, don’t do it but find the reason that you started playing in the first place. If that is leveling alts, level alts.

    If you feel like you are a fail priest, talk to someone in your guild if there is a healing, priest, or even the raid leader. If by chance I put my foot in my mouth and you are a SPriest, work on your rotation and situational awareness. If you think your skill level isn’t up to the people you are running with, talk to them and tell them that so they can help you make sure it is.

    Good luck!

    • You’re right Tarinae. I shouldn’t get so down about it. I just worry that I’m going to be the thorn in their side, preventing them from progression, if I am assigned to the progression group.

      I did make my concerns known to the GM, and all he said was that I’m the best priest he knows, which comes off to me like he’s just flattering me to keep me happy. I don’t want that kind of situation either, especially when I know I’m not up to par.

      You weren’t wrong. I’m a healing priest through and through. I’ve never specced Shadow, and I probably never will.

      Thank you so much for your help here. It really has helped me put it into perspective. I think I just got overwhelmed by the dramatic change. I went from raiding once a month in pugs to a few times this week and with a guild that is decently progressed.

  2. Saga says:

    I suspect that people who say that Rotface and Festergut are easy are 1) not healers and 2) used to playing them after we got the 20% or so buff.

    Thing is, the tactics aren’t insanely difficult (compared to say.. Lich King) – but it can still take a few tries to get used to if it’s your first time.

    But not just that, but they are two of the most healing intense fights that I can see. There are others, but Festergut especially requires a LOT of healing, and Rotface isn’t much better with the constant little ooze auras ticking away, the OT running the the green stuff on the floor when kiting…

    Don’t beat yourself up – it takes everyone a few times to get comfortable with new bosses and their tactics. Being new in their team doesn’t make you a bad or worse player – you’re just new to the tactics – and you will learn them before you know it.

    Raid Leaders know this – they don’t expect you to do perfectly your first time at a boss, and it sounds to me like you still did really well. You did down the bosses – and in the end that’s all that matters. Your raid leader seem to appreciate you – so accept that and just know that you will be as comfortable with the bosses as they are in no time 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right Saga. It’s just rough when you’re the only one who is new to the fights. When you know it is your mistake that caused the raid to wipe it makes you feel horrible. No one in the raid pointed any fingers or anything, just gave suggestions for next time, but I knew it was my fault.

      In any other guild I would have been sitting on the sidelines or in the 2nd group for ICC my first week. Instead they took me in the progression group, and I’m not sure I understand why and if this is my permanent assignment. I need to talk to the Raid Leader about all of this, I suppose.

      It’s crazy. Having a blog opens me up to the world in a huge way, you’d never know just how shy I truly am.

      I’m terrified to talk to the Raid Leader, and it’s no fault of his, both he and the GM have reassured me that they have an open door policy. It’s my own fear getting in my way. Time to buck up lil buckaroo and open my mouth instead of shying away in the corners.

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