We don’t need tanks?

I’ve seen numerous posts recently about how someone ran a low level dungeon and the tank left, but the group carried on using their CC and other tricks to get through the dungeon, all of this leading to the conclusion that we do not need tanks.

We don’t?

Maybe we don’t really need a tank in the very low level dungeons, but I would argue that this is primarily due to the effects of Heirloom gear and playing with people who are not new to the game. It’s something entirely different when you get into a group of people who are truly new to the game with no heirlooms and often little concept of how a dungeon works.

I’ve healed a Ret pally in good PvP gear with Righteous Fury thrown on as “tank” through heroics. It can be done.

I’ve been in these situations, and yes, it is a lot of fun.

Can we raid without tanks? Considering the amount of damage most raid bosses put out, I highly doubt it. Sometimes it is hard to keep the tanks alive as it is.

There’s nothing saying you can’t get a group together that lacks a tank and run 5 mans, but please don’t impose that on me in random LFD pugs. It’s sometimes hard enough coping with the variety of characters out there as it is. When I was actually trying to level up a tank through the LFD, I got rogues who wanted to evasion tank and shamans who wanted to tank. That’s great, but do it on your own time with your own group, not in my LFD pug (at least not without some kind of agreement with the rest of the group).


6 Responses to We don’t need tanks?

  1. Erinys says:

    Most of my Ahune groups have been tankless. DPS warriors queuing up and then making a point of not tanking anything at all unless they accidentally pull aggro. Yes, a tank isn’t really needed if you kill stuff fast enough but the principle of it annoys me. I’m not queuing up to heal as a shadow priest and then relying on vampire embrace to keep the party up.
    I don’t mind doing 5 mans with friends minus tanks or healers but I hate getting it through the Looking for Group. It make everyone’s life a bit harder.

    • Ahune is actually easier to tank as dps, from what I’ve seen. At least this is what my Protadin friend tells me. More AoE dps = picking up adds and keeping them longer.

      I won’t heal someone who isn’t properly geared and specced for heroic tanking in heroics (unless something unusual happens like the tank DCing in VH or they are a friend). I’ll be the first person to suggest to someone that they are not capable of tanking said dungeon, and hoping they get the point and offer to dps if someone else can tank, or leave group.

      Thanks for the comment, Erinys. πŸ™‚

  2. Saga says:

    A well-geared plate wearer can probably act as a tank in heroics, but I’d never want one in my group unless it’s all friends and guildies that I know.

    Low level dungeons, I suspect until level 35-40 you can do without a tank – but beyond that I suspect it gets more and more difficult, even with heirlooms.

    When I queue for random HCs I can’t stand it if I get a dps specced tank with no tank gear on. I don’t care if my tank has 25k health as long as they’re defense capped so that at least I know they won’t get one crit and die πŸ˜›

    • I agree, Saga. My baby druid is now level 42, I think? Going into Maraudon I’m starting to notice when I get a squishier tank, even though I have heirlooms. Then again, I’ve found sometimes if I get a particularly good tank and smart dps I can heal while in my feral gear. Did that by accident the other day. Hehe.

      Exactly! Heroics require defense cap. Don’t queue as a tank if you’re not capped.

      My biggest concern is these other bloggers and a worry that Blizz might notice and make some change to no longer require tanks/healers in 5 mans. I’m not sure if it’s really even possible, but I think it might be. As someone who loves healing, I don’t know if I’d stick with the game if that kind of change was implemented.

      5 mans are what made me love healing. Don’t take my healing away! I know there are people out there who are just as diehard about tanking. Don’t steal their thunder either.

  3. Saga says:

    I hope that it’s all just about the lower levels. When you’re a druid the first 20 levels or so you can probably queue as tank, healer AND dps and do decent at all without respeccing πŸ˜›

    I’d like to think it’s very different at level 80 – unless you massively outgear the instance.

    • I think you’re right. It is very different at 80. Although, it is still possible to massively outgear the easier heroics. Even if you have a 6k gearscore and a Kingslayer title, I’m not letting a mage tank my heroics. That’s just silly! ~nods~

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