Warlocks, L2Tap Pl0x!

Why do a majority of my posts have to be PuG rants? Can’t I post about something interesting? Well, the random LFD PuGs make it not so.

I made a baby Paladin Horde side, and she is now level 15. I hardly play her, as I’ve been focusing on my main and my druid. So what do you do when you hit level 15? Queue for a random. Of course I got RFC. Unfortunately I also got the Warlock from hell.

His name is Vibrate from Borean Tundra, and if you see him in your group run far, far away. He was pulling mobs before the tank, tapping down to 20% health while I was drinking, then…

Vibrate: Heal me!

Meanwhile the hunter has pulled, despite the fact that I asked for a mana break and I am spamming heals on his pet, who is for some reason tanking.

Vibrate: WTF!

Vibrate: Heal me, plOx!

Ama: Maybe you should drink when I sit down to drink. I am not your personal mana battery.

Vibrate: Yes, you are.

Ama: L2Tap properly.

Vibrate: I’d tap that.

At which point I decided not to worry about responding or healing him anymore. After which he actually started using Drain Life.

I also wound up telling the hunter I was going to stop healing his pet.

Oddly the run went well after this until we pulled the last boss.

I think Mr. Warlock wanted to clear the whole dungeon, but I was not about to go through any more with him and the tank didn’t want to either. So as we’re killing the boss, he sends his Voidwalker out to a group of mobs that couldn’t be farther away from us. Needless to say I did not heal his pet and bailed once the boss was dead along with the tank.

Moral of the story: Stand up to douchebags.

If you’re a Warlock and you’re reading this, please, try to put your Life Tap into your rotation so you don’t have to tap yourself down to near death between pulls. You can essentially keep yourself alive if you Life Tap periodically while DPSing and then throw out a Drain Life. I know this may decrease your damage output, but you aren’t going to be doing any damage if you’re dead. If you do run out of mana and need to tap a lot, for the love of God, if you see your healer drinking, then please sit and drink too.


2 Responses to Warlocks, L2Tap Pl0x!

  1. Saga says:

    For the longest time my main was a warlock – and even though she’s retired since ToGC days now I still love her. After having been a warlock I never understand the warlocks that life tap until nearly dead and then expect to be healed. Maybe it’s because before I was a warlock I was a Holy/Shadow Priest and I have had to heal idiots – but I just don’t understand why someone would put their healer through something like that and also risk their own life while doing it.

    The solution is so simple. In any raid setting or even 5 man you can just work life tap into your rotation, and a simple renew or HoT of some kind will keep you alive for the rest. Heck, if I’m not taking damage just using Fel Armor will generally get my health back up even if not as quickly.

    Sure, a heal now and then is fine if for some reason I had to life tap twice. But I’d never life tap until nearly dead. Only time I life tap a lot is if I’m oom and planning to sit down to eat/drink. I usually life tap until I have equal health and mana, then sit down and eat+drink to replenish both at the same time.

    Let’s hope for more smart warlocks, the bad ones are giving us all a bad rep! 😛

    • My first toon was a warlock, so I know what life tapping is supposed to be like. I love warlocks. I respect anyone who can play the class well, since I can’t. This was not intended to be a warlock bashing post, but a don’t be stupid post. Every class has their stupid people.

      It’s funny, because I often hear other healers saying they hate running with locks because of the tap. I guess I’ve gotten lucky, because this was my first really bad experience with it.

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