Shackle Em Up

Running the ICC Heroics with my guildmates has given me a newfound love for my oft neglected Shackle button.

I find that I’ve missed being useful in this manner. I love shackling and I’m pretty good at it.

I can remember the shackling assignments on Moroes in Kara. Oh, that fight was always intense for me. Shackle, Heal, Heal, HEAL, OMG it’s loose, Re-Shackle, Heal, Heal, HEAL. Going back to Kara at level 80 felt… wrong. AoEing the entire Ballroom was… silly. AoEing Moroes and his party? So silly it was just plain wrong.

So I’ve learned that you can’t really go back. My hope is that Cataclysm will bring some of that old time CC goodness back, and a dungeon full of undead for me to shackle.


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