Guild Update

Premature freak out? Yes, indeed.

I had a good long chat with the GM about where I stand with the guild. Apparently things have been a bit chaotic as far as scheduling is concerned. They had to kick a few people (before I joined) due to poor attendance. So, right now the roster isn’t supporting 2 complete 10 man teams.

There is a need for another tank, so I’m considering playing my paladin again, to see if I can come to terms with tanking.

The GM and I seem to get on very well. I try to be completely open and honest with people, almost to a fault. So, he seems to be very clear on where my weaknesses and strengths lie.

He invited me to come to ICC for Sindragosa, where the team left off last week. They tried it without me and got her to 22% on their best attempt. Apparently there was some sentiment that I could be what the team needs to push things over that edge.

Despite ending up face down on multiple occasions, after 3 wipes, we got our guild first Sindy kill. I got my first taste of Discipline raid support healing since Wrath came out. My heart soared when I heard the healing assignments on vent. This is what I was made for!

After the raid, the GM made it a point to whisper me and remind me that my presence was the only difference between the unsuccessful group and this one. /flex

Then we went on to wipe on the Blood Princes before calling it. I think we must have been doing something wrong because Keleseth was running all over the raid nomming healer faces.

Progressions is exciting and terrifying. I didn’t really expect to end up taking part in the guild’s progression runs. I just wanted to be raiding anything, even if it’s a Naxx fun run every week, I’d be happy.

My previous freak out was mostly due to my concerns about scheduling, and me having waited most of the night to realize we aren’t really raiding anything was just a miscommunication.

I had a good long chat the other day with one of the other girls in the guild. It was wonderful. I love getting to know new people. It’s nice to have other girls to talk to so the guild doesn’t get too testosterone driven.

I’ve had issues in the past with females in guilds, so I was a bit worried about how things would sort out there. I’m so happy to find that none of the other girls are drama queens. I’m going to do my best to not be like that either, but… well, sometimes I am an attention whore.

It’s funny, because I don’t really do it intentionally, it’s a subconscious ego stroking mechanism that comes from dealing with low self esteem for all my life. That doesn’t necessarily make it right, but I think it’s better than some other reasons for being like that.

I guess I don’t really have to worry, since when I logged on last night I was greeted with a guildie serenading me with Boston’s Amanda. I’m not linking to it, like I normally would. You can look it up if you aren’t familiar. I hate that song, btw. Please don’t ever sing it to me. Ever. I had to log off vent for a while. The point is, I’m not lacking for attention. Not that this was the kind of attention I wanted.

Huh. I guess I let slip that my real name is Amanda. ~runs to find a Men in Black memory eraser~

Wow. Rambling post is rambling.

P.S. Why is spellcheck telling me miscommunication is not correct? ~frown~ I had to look it up on It is too a word! ~stomps foot~


2 Responses to Guild Update

  1. Moreo says:

    I’m glad you like where you landed, luv.

  2. I miss you though. But, overall, I’m happy.

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