Why in God’s green earth would anyone want to be a tank?

Well, I tried to tank with Levity again. I ran some heroics. I got some crafted gear made. I ran into a bunch of assholes.

I seriously get so upset I just leave. If I were to continue playing her the LFD would have her flagged as one of those jerks who bails on dungeons.

Why anyone in their right mind bothers to push through heroic randoms as a tank is beyond me. The amount of abuse is ridiculous.

I actually thought for a bit that maybe I should just delete her.

I haven’t done that yet, but I’m still thinking about it. I’m so frustrated.

The worst part of it is that I genuinely enjoy playing a Paladin. I love the Retribution spec and I enjoy tanking. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’m even worse at dps than I am at tanking. I’m the Ret Pally in your pugs pulling 1k dps. So I’m too ashamed to use the LFD as dps and too grumpy to use it as tank.

I will not spec her Holy. She was supposed to be my anti-healer, so that’s how she’ll stay.

What I don’t understand is why there are all of these people out there screaming GOGOGO and complaining about the “bad” tank, when they are the ones having to wait 30 minutes in queue because nobody wants to tank because of the grief they get. Maybe if you were nicer to your lesser geared pug tanks there might be more “good” tanks out there because they wouldn’t get scared away.

It’s not as if I just hit 80 and am in greens and blues. I have a good mix of blues and purples and I am defense capped. I can tank. I have successfully completed dungeons while tanking. Maybe I’m not the uber-leet 60k hp bear tank in your guild who only has to be near a mob to hold aggro, but I can tank, if you let me.

And so Levity goes back into disuse until I whimsically get it in my head that I can tank again.


12 Responses to Why in God’s green earth would anyone want to be a tank?

  1. Val says:

    Hmm, my dad told me about the main tank of his guild that, before every random hc, puts on mostly ilvl 200 gear (getting a gearscore of ~3.5k). Thus, at the start of the instance, he explains that he is new at tanking, and if anyone is not down with that they are free to leave… this effectively weeds out the impatient, “gogogo”-mentality players, before he redresses in his icc25man tanking gear and proceeds to blast through the dungeon.

    If I were to get into tanking (which I have no plans on doing, I recently re-specced out of feral tanking and into feral dps) I would probably do something along the lines of what this tank did. My former tanking gear was ridiculously good, while I as a player was not at all used to tanking. If people run with gearscore, see a tank with ~3k + an explanation that they’re inexperience, hopefully they tone down… I had 5k, and had trouble making people understand that I was still learning (random dps: “gogogo/just spam swipe/lol tank” val: “stfu and give me 3 secs to get aggro, also, watch you’re language, I won’t perform better if you pressure me! /rawr”

    Okay… I’m rambling. What I mean to say (with authority, none of that “excuse me please might you be ever so kind as to…”) though is that it could be a good idea to tell people up front that this is going to take a little longer than you’re regular speed run, that you want time to get aggro and none of that “gogogo”-attitude. Even if you’re careful, running with a fresh tank is still a faster path to frost emblems than wiping due to overaggro/stress, or dropping out and getting the debuff.

    An also, don’t delete your character 😉 If she’s no pleasure to play at the moment, just leave her alone for a bit. Assuming you don’t need space in your list for additional characters, there’s nothing wring with letting her collect some dust while you make up your mind for sure (don’t delete her simply because you are upset at the moment).

    Best of luck!

    – Val

  2. Well, my GS atm is 3700, so if they are running GS they should be able to see that I’m new. I also let them know that I’m new and ask them to let me pull and give me time to get aggro. Doesn’t seem to matter. No one leaves, and I end up fighting with a shaman for aggro or something and bickering with everyone until I get sick of it and leave.

    I won’t delete her, if anything I may turn her into a healer much, much in the future.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  3. Saga says:

    I hate how annoying people can be in Heroics. I have a fully ICC geared warrior (my main), and even she can get GOGOGO sometimes. Or someone does something stupid (like aoeing before I can thunderclap) and tells me I’m an idiot for not holding aggro.

    I had a DK like that not long ago. He would put down death and decay as I was charging in, so of course he got aggro. He called me stupid, so I told him he was stupid for using aoe and over-aggroing me. He kept griefing me for a few minutes until finally I said “stfu and let me tank or get out of the instance” – and I normally am never rude! (He just really got on my nerves) He shut up after that. He tried to intentionally get aggro every pull though to show me as a bad player – but I managed to keep his crappy ass from being on the ground from facetanking.

    I also have a paladin who I tank on in Heroics. I suspect when she started she had similar gear to you. I’d crafted some stuff and the rest was all blues. 25k health with buffs *lol* And people whinge and whine.

    It’s like they all forgot that when we were all just fresh 80s we did these instances with tanks that had probably no more than 20k health. And guess what.. it was fine!

    I’m so tired of ppl who want to rush things. I like going through HCs quickly – but not at the expense of ending up wiping because ppl pull aggro or pull stuff they shouldn’t.

    (I was in with a priest just now who kept pulling new packs and my paladin was at like 200 mana…)

    Sorry for the rant.. the whole tank thing just lies close to heart I guess.

    People whine that there are few tanks.. well, I wonder why with the reception new tanks get!

    • The worst part for me is that I do really like tanking, but I’m just not the kind of person who will put up with any bs. Which means I’m often bailing on heroics long before we even get to the first boss. I think I may be a little too sensitive.

      So I’m setting it aside for now. Maybe someday I’ll grow a pair of cajones and just do it.

  4. Moreo says:

    ‘Gana’s baby tank set is in her bag, I switched to healing on my Offset. Tanking was great for quick queues to get emblems and fresh 80 gear but I mostly kinda hate it. I kept the set so if the guild ever decides they need me to try and tank again at least I’ll have a starting point. ❤

    • That’s the thing, the guild desperately needs another tank. I’d love to be that tank, but… Ughhh…

      I do fine in heroics with the guild, but I’m afraid they are babying me, because I feel horrible in randoms.

      What bothers me most about it, is from healer’s perspective, I think I’m a pretty good tank. I just struggle to maintain leadership so I can be the one pulling trash and whatever. I don’t know how to get that from these jerks.

      I’ve tried to let people know to please wait and let me get aggro, blah blah, but no one seems to listen. Maybe I’m not wording it right. Maybe people just don’t care. I don’t know.

  5. Reessilan says:

    Regardless of the role there are a lot of morons and jerks via the LFD tool. I’ve learned the value of /ignore when someone gets too mouthy and play my role as best I can and support those who do the same. That’s all someone can do.

    If you’re concerned about how well you’re doing, there are some useful tools. The Rawr program does a great job of getting a feel for the next step in upgrades (Gems, enchants and gear), and using addons like Omen and Recount for your own personal use can give you an idea of how well you’re doing in real time. It’ll also tell you how honest your guildmates are with their feedback 🙂

    Morons and jerks will continue to be morons and jerks regardless of what you do. Work with those who are willing to work with ya, and ignore the rest. It’s the only way to keep the runs sane and somewhat enjoyable.

    • Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard of Rawr, I may have to take a look at that. I do currently run Recount and Omen. I’m still a rather nervous tank, and have been focusing mostly on rotation and such, rather than glancing at Omen while I’m fighting. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate ye olde UI.

      As far as ignoring people,I have found that I’m unable to /ignore people who are not from my realm while in a dungeon since the last patch. Anyone else seen this, or is it just me?

      Either way, I’m taking a break from my poor pally tank and focusing on my baby druid, who is not such a baby anymore at level 49.

      • Reessilan says:

        If you want ignore someone from another realm, you have to give the full name. For example you would have to “/ignore Reessilan-Windrunner” to ignore me if you were not on the Windrunner realm. Took me a while to figure that one out too.

        Good luck with your druid, and I hope you get back into tanking. We DPSers need tanks need them more than they need us. 🙂

  6. @Reessilan

    Hmm… I feel like there used to be a different and easier way somehow while having the person targeted. That’s how I was trying to do it, and I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work anymore. Thanks for the tip.

  7. My advice to you as a fellow protadin is to let the person who is either over agroing you or pushing you to pull more, die once or twice. My paladin is my guilds MT and even with all his gear I sometimes have issues tanking in heroics. Some people enter a heroic and become complete morons who suddenly can’t be bothered to tone down their dps. I think I might write a few tips for tanking as a paladin and maybe it’ll help. I definitely think you should keep on tanking and don’t let noobs get you down.

    • Actually, my best friend just recently found a taunting addon called Tauntmaster which can be found at Curse. He’s swearing by it, so I’m going to give it a try and see if it helps.

      I am by nature a clicker, since all of my toons really have been healers. Clicking is not very conducive to being able to quickly target the correct mob and taunt. This is where I’ve run into trouble while tanking.

      I can hold aggro fine if I start the pull, but if others are pulling for me I fail at pulling things off of them.

      We’ll see if this addon helps. I’ll make a real post about it if it does.

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