Blizzard Listens

Official Forum Post by Nethaera can be found here.

I cannot explain in words how much of my faith in Blizzard has been restored by this. I truly thought since this had been a part of their planning for RealID, that they would not change their minds, despite the community outcry.

I hope some of the people who have canceled their subscriptions because of this will come back.

I was seriously in tears today reading posts from well respected members of the community who were leaving.

The heartbreak is over. Come back home.


One Response to Blizzard Listens

  1. I’m trying to remember who’s blog had the thingy with trust levels in Blizzard relative to RealID.

    It went something like:

    100% trust -> RealID in game -> 87% trust -> RealID in forums -> 0% trust.

    Right now, I’m hovering around 50%, but that’s better than 0.

    There are a lot of people who are still upset and refusing to come back to the game. I don’t blame them. It’s their choice. As much as I’m feeling better, I’m still feeling sad for those losses.

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