Drak’Tharon Keep, again?!?!

Angelya of Revive and Rejuvenate has had a guest spot on A Healadin’s Tear, in which she took a look at the heroic dungeons Tarinae has completed. This got me to wondering, and so I took a look at my Armory for Amà, and what I found was a bit of a shock.

I have completed DTK more than twice the amount of times I have completed the 2nd most completed dungeon (Violet Hold). I have not deliberately queued specifically for DTK ever. I have to admit I have specifically queued for ToC when it was new, and for the ICC dungeons. I have also been guilty of dropping out of Oculus groups before the dungeon even started back before Eregos got hit with the massive nerfbat. The rest has been entirely random, or due to the daily back when we had daily dungeon quests.

DTK is easy, so I’m not really complaining, but I’d say that the daily dungeon quests and the LFD tool are far from random.

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that my Character Feed and my Statistics on the Armory are completely different. I’m guessing this must be due to the server and name changes I had made a few months back. I’m betting that the Statistics is more accurate, considering the Character Feed told me I recently completed my first HoR, and I know I’d done it before. The above graph was made using my Statistics on the Armory.


4 Responses to Drak’Tharon Keep, again?!?!

  1. Nightphoenix, saurfang eu says:

    it could be a bug – (i myself have much too many DTK in the armory statsitics)

    pugchecker says:

    Known Bug – Drak’Tharon Keep

    There seems to be a new problem with the kills of the Prophet Tharon’ja in Drak’Tharon Keep. For now, the number of kills for DTK is being removed.

    Now the game appears to give you credit for three kills instead of just one. I’ve noticed this on several of my own characters now and it appears to be a common problem.

    • Interesting. Thanks so much for the information. 🙂

    • Angelya says:

      Aha, I had wondered whether there was a bug there… DtK seems to feature far too highly in everyone’s lists.

      I guess that makes VH a pretty popular random choice then? 🙂

      • Doing the math (dividing the number of Tharon’ja kills by 3) that means approximately 38 times. This makes a lot more sense to me.

        VH and UK being at the top of the list makes sense to me also. When I was fresh 80 I would pick to run these just because they were easier (before the LFD had come out). I’m kind of surprised Nexus isn’t higher up on the list. I ran that many times to get my War Mace of Unrequited Love.

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