Official WoW Forums – Cesspool of Trolls?

Are there trolls on the forums? Yes.

Is it sometimes irritating to wade through the troll posts until you get to a real answer? Yes.

Is the entirety of the forums a cesspool that needs to DIAF? No.

One thing that came to my attention during the whole RealID debacle, was the feeling among most of my friends that the forums are a wasteland not worth going to anyway. This is truly tragic.

I can’t answer for realm forums, as I think this is probably where the majority of the trolling happens, however I’d like to address my experiences with other parts of the forums.

When I was struggling to find a guild and/or server to play on that would suit me, I read the Guild Relations Forum daily. I read every new post. I think I ran into a real troll once. If you think the community is shot and that the forums are just rubbish, then please go see what is going on at the Guild Relations Forum. This forum is what made me realize that there really is a true WoW community and that it is wonderful.

Although my experience with the Guild Recruitment Forums is limited, I never ran into a troll there either.

Class specific forums also appear to be fairly clear of trolls. Granted, my only real experience is with the Priest Forums, so take this with a grain of salt. I think Blizzard has stepped up on the forum moderation, because it’s been forever since I’ve seen an “X class/spec is fail!” post.

The Getting Started Forum is a great place to go for pretty much any question. There’s a great group of posters there who are willing to answer any “noob” question and without the “lolnoob” comments.

Beyond that, I haven’t explored much further. I did read the Healing Forums once upon a time (“You are healer, you cannot Thor”). I haven’t been there much lately, but I remember it being slightly more negatively toned and sometimes some things that could be considered trolling popped up.

Don’t just assume the entirety of the official forums is full of bad just because your realm forums suck. Explore a little. I promise you that there is good community out there.

There was some blog which posted a link to the forums in which Nethaera was debating whether or not the community was good or not. I spent a good 2 hours trying to locate the thread and can’t find it. If you know what I’m talking about, I’d love to link to it here. Much love to Nethaera and her ceaseless positive attitude!

P.S. WTB Rhaina back. I guess maybe she got too cranky?


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