Alt Envy

Do you ever feel jealous of other people’s alts?

I know I do.

I’m pretty slow at leveling up alts. I need to go slowly in order to learn the new class/spec. I’m kind of a slow learner. It takes me time and repetition to learn new boss fights. It takes me time and repetition to learn a new class/spec.

I’ve said that I’m an altoholic, but I’m more of a low level altoholic. I get toons to somewhere in their 20s and delete them and start all over. I only have two 80s. I only have three toons above 60.

My guild is full of real altoholics, some with as many as eight 80s. Many of them I have watched now level an alt from 60-80 in a few days, then get geared into decent gear in another few days. I am so jealous.

I wish I could move faster. I wish once I hit 80 with that alt that I’d have the motivation to gear them up. I really hope that I wind up enjoying Vivacious enough that I can keep motivated with her, even after level cap.

My paladin was pure disappointment once I hit level cap. Of course, I leveled her up solely by questing too, so that may be a good part of my problem with her. I think having the Dungeon Finder available as a tool to find groups for low level dungeons is invaluable. If it had been around when I was leveling Levity, perhaps I’d be singing a different tune right now.

Here’s hoping this Lowbie Altoholic can move it on up into end game.


2 Responses to Alt Envy

  1. Saga says:

    I actually sometimes wish I could just not level more alts, but then I do anyway. I have too many alts to properly “care for” them all. Some of them reached 80, got a few random pieces and then don’t get taken out anymore.

    I wish sometimes I could just pick 1-2 characters and focus on them, but I get bored. I’ll keep my main, but I’ll focus on one alt at a time. With maybe a little one that I play now and then.

    But I can see what you mean. It’s so easy to just keep making new characters, once you hit level 80 it’s pretty much the same for all characters no matter the class.

    • It’s funny, because in the grand scheme of things, really I do only focus on my main, and my alts are for when the guild isn’t doing anything.

      On the other hand, I have all these ideas for alts in my head that I really want, but in honesty, I’ll probably never really have time for. That’s why I end up with the lowbie alts that never get past level 30. I end up getting caught up in something else and by the time I come back to them I’ve forgotten how to play them. So they get deleted and I start over fresh.

      Maybe I’m not really an altoholic?

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