Dream Journal Entry 07/12/2010

07/12/2010 –

Last night I dreamed: that I was attending a university unlike any other. It was a magic university, but it wasn’t like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. It was more like The Last Airbender, but different.

Each of my fellow students and I had the ability to commune with at least one element and control it’s magic. Some students displayed a propensity towards two or three elements. They could choose to focus on one or work on all. At the beginning, our classes were intended solely for the purpose of discovering the element that best suited us.

My best friend at the school was a waif of a girl with red hair and freckles. She was tall and skinny and extremely quiet. She very rarely talked. Mostly she would communicate with looks, body language and gestures. She seemed to be able to see into anyone’s soul.  It wasn’t like telepathy but more like intuition. She thought she could see what element was meant for each of us.

On the final day of study for the year we would all be tested to see if we had learned and chosen correctly. The teacher would pass around a sacred item for each element and if you recognized it as being yours, then you would use it. If you failed then that element was not for you and you would be removed from the school for failing to learn.

Well, with my best friend being able to tell what element belonged to you, I slacked off. I often skipped study sessions. I thought she would take care of me.

The elements were named like precious stones. There were Rubies for Fire, Sapphires for Water, etc.

On testing day, I stood nervously next to my best friend in the park. She had worked out with others to make sure they chose the correct stones that day. One by one, as the stones were passed around, I watched them succeed.

Finally, my friend nodded at me as she passed me a stone. This one was to be mine, so I began to work the magic to show that I’d chosen. At first it was good, the magic was flowing the way I wanted it to, but then it got out of control. There was a bright light and I must have passed out because I woke laying on the floor, staring into the blue sky.

The teachers got me onto a stretcher and were taking me out. I managed to glance on one of the teacher’s clipboards, and saw the stone I had chosen and the marks they gave me. It was Obsidian and Jade – Death and Life. I had passed the Death magic test, but failed the Life. Under that mark it was indicated that I had potential and should be allowed time to better explore the elements. I was not going to be expelled.

They took me to a room full of young elementals and two teachers who were playing with them. The teachers were to watch over me until the ceremony was complete. Come to find out, many teachers find ceremony day to be a day of relaxation for them, and my guardians in this room of elementals were drunk.

They playfully sent elementals to me on the cot I was laying on, to see how we would react to each other. They did not send Death or Life. When the Air elemental got to me, I couldn’t resist. The magic flowed through me. It grew and grew until I thought I couldn’t hold anymore and all would end in disaster like at the ceremony, but then I got it under control.

It was apparently quite a display, because the teachers were staring at me with their eyes wide and mouths hanging open.

And then I woke up.


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