Blogroll Woes

So I thought I was trying to do the same thing that Larisa and many others have done with their Blogrolls, which is to implement an RSS that shows the most recent posts first and shows time of post.

I got a BlogRolling account, and it says it will do what I think I want it to do, but it doesn’t. I’ve gone in and “fixed” the advanced options multiple times, and it still seems to just be pulling up random bits of my Blogroll.

So I do a little more research, and I’m guessing Larisa is using a plugin, which I can’t use unless I get my own domain.


All this because I wanted to be fair and have all of the blogs I read on my Blogroll. What was I thinking?

I’m gonna get this all in order eventually, but right now my Blogroll is a mess.

Pardon teh dust bunnies.


8 Responses to Blogroll Woes

  1. theanorak says:

    You might like to give this a try, if you use Google Reader for your blogreading:

    • I’ve actually been reading my blogs the old fashioned way, through bookmarks and actually going to the pages frequently.

      This whole RSS, feeders, readers thing is a bit overwhelming for me, but I like the end results.

      Given that I’m not currently using Google Reader, I may hold off on this, but thanks a million for sharing. I may end up using it yet. No bets are off at this point, but I do fear I am in way over my head.

  2. zelmaru says:

    The “Larisa-type” blogroll is available (by default) on free blogspot but not on free wordpress. I’m pretty sure also that the google feed reader instructions will only work on self-hosted wordpress blogs because doesn’t allow javascript.

    • Ahh… thanks for the information, Zelmaru. You’re absolutely right, free WordPress won’t allow Java.

      ~sigh~ Well, maybe it’s time for me to consider switching to Blogspot. I don’t really like the idea of changing though. Or it’s time to give up on having a pretty Blogroll.

      • zelmaru says:

        Having used both blogspot and free wordpress, I’d say it is not worth changing over a blogroll (though that is exactly what I did.) While blogger allows you to have more customization for free, the “back-end” is far more confusing, and I often found myself getting down n dirty with the css or html. If you do end up using a reader, you may be able to import your blogroll as an OPML file without adding in the links manually?

    • Yeah, unfortunately WordPress is no longer supporting OPML. I actually looked into that first.

  3. Don’t quote me on this but I think blogspot automatically arranges the blogroll in order of most recent activity. I know it does on my account which is also on blogspot. I am sure that there is a third party way to get it to display how you want though.

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